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“Hate to break it to ya, Queenie, but our forces have taken the castle. This is the part where you tell me where you've got the ring stashed in here.”

Nelucce is a minor antagonist from Fire Emblem Engage. He is a soldier from Elusia who works for Zephia.


Nelucce was first seen threatening Ève into telling him where an Emblem Ring was. When Alear and their army invade to save Ève and retake Firene castle, Nelucce battles against the group but is quickly defeated and retreats. While retreating, he runs into Zephia again, and requests at another chance to take down Alear. Zephia however tells him that she doesn't offer second chances to soldiers when they lose and swiftly kills him.


In spite of his arrogant demeanor, Nelucce in truth is a coward who is willing to ally with shady people if it means he will survive.


A general of Elusia. Deployed to Firene to steal an Emblem Ring.


Battle Conversations[]

Vs. Alear

  • Alear: I will show you no mercy. Prepare to die.
  • Nelucce: Ooo, the Divine Dragon. If I kill you, I won't have to lick her boots anymore!

Vs. Alfred

  • Alfred: You invaded my castle and threatened my mother! I'll slay you where you stand!
  • Nelucce: Oh, the prince of Flowerland is threatening me! I'm real scared!

Vs. Céline

  • Nelucce: Looky here, the runaway princess! I'll make you fly the coop again.
  • Céline: I am not running this time. It will be you who flees for your life.


  • Nelucce is the first boss in the game to have a Revival Stone.
  • In the manga adaptation of Engage, Nelucce is killed by Alear instead of Zephia.
  • While Nelucce is part of the Elusian army, in the art book, he's listed under Gradlon.