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Nestra (ミューズ公国 Myūzu Kōkoku lit. Dukedom of Muse) is a nation on the southwestern coast of the continent in Fire Emblem Fates.


The Kingdom of Nestra is a coastal country to the south of Nohr and west of Notre Sagesse. The Nestrian city of Cyrkensia is a popular international resort town renowned for its singers and dancers. King Garon frequently visits Cyrkensia, and the Opera House always hosts special performances in his honor. Nestra remains neutral after hostilities break out between Nohr and Hoshido.


After sailing from Mokushu, Corrin's party arrives in Cyrkensia in Nestra. Before departing to reunite with Ryoma's army in Cheve, they meet the Kitsune Kaden, who asks them to help his friend Layla, a performer at Cyrkensia's Opera House. Layla explains that she wishes to be at the side of her terminally-ill mother, but cannot abandon her performance as King Garon will be among the audience. Seeing an opportunity to capture Garon and end the Nohr-Hoshido conflict, Corrin agrees to help Layla and comes up with a plan: while Azura, disguised by Zola to look like Layla, sings on the stage and distracts Garon, the rest of the group will sneak into Garon's private room and kidnap him and force him to surrender. The plan fails when Zola rats them out to Garon, but when he asks Garon to spare Corrin, Garon immediately executes him. Outnumbered, the Hoshidan army are forced to flee the Opera House while dealing with Xander and the Nohrians.


After witnessing Hans' brutality in Cheve, allegedly under Garon's orders, Corrin's party arrives in the Nestran city of Cyrkensia to rendezvous with Garon. There, they are reunited with Leo, who traveled with Garon to guard him while he attends a performance at the Opera House. Despite wanting to speak with Garon, they are unable to do so before the performance begins. In it, a mysterious singer performs a dance that causes Garon extreme discomfort. Believing it to be a Hoshidan curse, Garon orders them to detain the singer when Kumagera and his troops attack. The singer slips away. After Kumagera's troops are vanquished, they are then ordered to kill all of the singers in Cyrkensia. Although Leo promises to follow the command, he assures Corrin that they will do everything in their power to give the singers time to escape.


By the time Corrin's army arrives at Cyrkensia, the city has been completely destroyed. The armies of Hoshido and Nohr are both convinced that the opposing kingdom was responsible for the unprovoked attack, but Kaden and Keaton's claim that they and the city were attacked by "invisible foes" makes it clear to Corrin that the real culprits were the soldiers of Valla.

Known people from Nestra

  • Layla - Performer at the Opera House of Cyrkensia