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Nevassa is the capital city of Daein in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.

Nevassa in Winter


Nevassa served as the capital of Daein under the rule of King Ashnard in Path of Radiance. During the first half of the game many cut-scenes and important events occurred in Nevassa, including conversations between the King and important generals such as The Black Knight, Petrine and Ena. Ashnard abandoned Nevassa for Crimea's capital city, Melior, at some point after the Crimean Liberation Army began its invasion of Daein from the Begnion Empire.

After Ike (leader of the Crimean Liberation Army with Princess Elincia) secured Nevassa and discovered King Ashnard no longer took residence in the city, he decided to continue the march into Crimea, and left Begnion's General Zelgius as the city's temporary caretaker. At an unknown point in time after Begnion gave Zelgius rule of Nevassa, rule passed to the Begnion Occupational Army under the command of General Jarod with oversight by Senator Numida. As a result of the occupation, Nevassa served as a breeding ground for discontent among the impoverished citizens. In response to Begnion's brutal oppression, a freedom-fighting group called the Dawn Brigade formed in the capital. Blades clashed a few times between the Dawn Brigade and the Begnion Occupational Army; thus, Micaiah, Sothe, Nolan, Edward and Leonardo, whom are all natives of Nevassa, fled with hope of returning one day to liberate it from Begnion. After eventually meeting with Prince Pelleas and the Daein Liberation Army, the two forces fought tooth and nail across Daein, culminating in a last stand in Nevassa by General Jarod and remnants of the occupational forces. It was in Nevassa where Jarod met his end. After the liberation of Daein, Pelleas (now King of Daein) set up his court in Nevassa. During his tenure as King, Nevassa was the sight of some underhanded deals made by Duke Gaddos of  the Begnion Senate, as well as where King Pelleas offered his life up to save the people of Daien from the Blood Pact. It is likely that upon Ashera's Judgement, most of Nevassa's citizens were turned to stone (the only known survivors were Nico and his mother).

Near Destruction[]

Nevassa was almost in complete ruin when the Begnion Occupational Army's  forces attacked Nevassa with a full-scale catapult barrage as a last stand. However, Nevassa was saved by Prince Pelleas when he sent most of the Daein Liberation Army to save the city from Begnion. Pelleas then decided to send a small task force to the Daein Keep to take down General Jarod.