New Game+ is a gameplay feature accessible after finishing a playthrough of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Overview Edit

Upon starting a new playthrough of Three Houses after completing any route for the first time, the player is given the option to access New Game+. Upon accepting the new mode, a Sothis mark appears on the game file.

The game will retain the following progress from previous playthroughs into the next one:

  • Collective playtime
  • Progress of the Saint Statues
  • Progress and rank of all Battalions obtained.
  • Information of all of Byleth's Professor Level, Support ranks, Class Certifications and masteries, Tutoring subject ranks, and combat arts.
  • New appearance options become available via the journal in Byleth's room. However, the player can only change the appearance of units that they have currently recruited.
    • Characters can be switched freely between their pre-and-post timeskip default appearances. This also applies to DLC costumes.
    • Edelgard, Claude, and Dimitri have alternative hair styles that can be accessed after completing their routes.

Renown gains additional purpose outside of the Saint Statues. In Byleth's room, the player can access their Journal to purchase useful advantages that they earned from previous playthroughs:

  • Byleth's highest Professor Rank
  • Byleth's support rank for each character
  • Byleth's passed Certifications and Skills learned
  • Special Crest items that grant them the power of specific crests.

The amiibo Gazebo also gains new functionality in a New Game+ if a Fire Emblem amiibo has been scanned. When accessed, the player can choose to scan amiibo figures as usual, or be transported to the Holy Tomb. The Holy Tomb features rare item and ingredient spawns, and Sothis can also be found here until the end of Chapter 10. By interacting with Sothis, Byleth will gain a special New Game+ combat ability, the Sothis Shield.

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