Niðavellir is a realm from Book V of Fire Emblem Heroes. It is the land of the dvergar, a race of small folk that have unlocked the secrets of technology and magic- seiðjárn.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Long ago, the dvergar were ruled by the Jötnar of Jötunheimr. At some point, a young dvergr used his craft to build weapons which allowed dvergar to fight on equal footing with the jötnar and gain independence. That young dvergr was named king, and founded Niðavellir. Afterwards, said king fostered a culture of inventors, leading to the creation of seiðjárn.

Decades prior, a coup d'état toppled the kingdom of Niðavellir and the old king was killed, leading the country to fall to ruin and completely unable to muster a force large enough to invade a country. Eventually, a soldier named Fáfnir seized the throne by force and became their king, who the people welcomed his rule, ignoring the fact that he was not dvergr royalty. But the righteousness they thought they saw in him didn't last long, as he'd quickly become a tyrant, subjugating his people and invading other countries, with families separated to add bodies to the war effort, and food scarcity due to the constant warfare. Eventually, they sought to occupy Askr and secure the summoner for Niðavellir. He does so with an army of seiðjárn steam units.

It has two treasures of it's own: A crown passed down by the royal family of Niðavellir which grants the strength to protect the realm, and a powerful blade named Gramr. However, because the Niðavellir army uses seiðjárn weapons, such regular swords fell in disuse, and Ótr offered Jötunheimr Gramr as a peace offering after relationships with them devolved to the point of leading to war.

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Niðavellir Tower - The tower used for royal ascension ceremonies.
  • The Forest of the Sage - The forest Eitri calls home. It's filled with traps she invented to deter visitors.

Notable people from Niðavellir[edit | edit source]

Royalty[edit | edit source]

  • Fáfnir - The King of Niðavellir who rose from his station as a lowly soldier but remembers nothing of his past.
  • Ótr - The Stepbrother of Niðavellir's king, Fáfnir who worships him and fully supports his ambitions of conquest.
  • Reginn - The Stepsister of Niðavellir's king who chooses to work together with Askr to stop her suddenly changing brother.

Others[edit | edit source]

  • Eitri - The forest sage. She is the one who was summoning heroes from other world, until five years prior to the events of Book V.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Niðavellir, also called Myrkheim, is the home of the dwarves in Norse cosmology.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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