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“...Silence. You are too eager to claim me as your god. The god of ice is now only a story told by mortals.”
—Nifl to Fjorm

Nifl is a character from Fire Emblem Heroes. She is the God of Ice, and is the protector of Nifl.


Nifl is the dragon who protects and shares her name with the Kingdom of Ice. In the past, Nifl saved the realm that she created, and blessed Hvergel, first queen of Nifl, with her blood. Nifl felt love and fondness for Hvergel after she showed her how kind mortals could be. Unfortunately, Hvergel was mortally wounded by Múspell's flames, leaving Nifl with no choice but to end Hvergel's life out of mercy. Afterwards, she refused to love, show emotions, or grow attached to any other mortal, out of fear of them meeting the same fate as Hvergel. Soon after, she challenged Múspell, not caring if she was destroyed as long as Múspell was brought low alongside her. In the end, it was a draw, and they both returned to their respective elements, ice and flame.

In Book II, Fjorm offers her flesh and Breidablik to Nifl as part of the Rite of Frost in order to dispel Múspell's flames. Nifl bestows her power upon Breidablik, but doing so comes at the cost of a greatly shortened lifespan for Fjorm.

In the Ice and Flame event, Nifl appears to Fjorm. Believing that it was her time, Fjorm pleaded Nifl to spare her as she wishes not to abandon her friends and the summoner. Nifl doesn't care for this for the oath that Fjorm took is absolute, however, she does not wish to kill her. She instead asks Fjorm to be her champion in order to destroy the God of Flame, Múspell. If she defeats Múspell and his champion then Fjorm will be free from Nifl's contract and will live. It is then revealed that Laegjarn is Múspell's champion.

Revealing her past to Fjorm, Nifl then told her that Múspell will have a champion of his own and that she must fight against them, proceeding to ask Fjorm which descendants of Múspell lived. Fjorm explains that King Surtr and Princess Laegjarn were dead, further elaborating in that they were too late to save the latter, which Nifl chastises her as they are enemies and that there is no need for sadness. Fjorm argues against the idea by stating that Laegjarn was her friend, which Nifl rebukes by saying that 'to call the spawn of Múspell a friend is pitiful' and presses on the question of whether they all had perished. Fjorm revealed that only Laevatein is alive, but she doubts of her becoming the enemy's champion due to their previous conversation.

Nifl then warns Fjorm that Múspell and Laegjarn are near, even though Fjorm still has no idea that Laegjarn is alive. Nifl offers her power of 'the ice god' to Fjorm in order to stop Múspell, Fjorm accepts her gift; temporarily showing her new form. Nifl orders her to use it when the time comes to face Múspell's champion. Fjorm still questions on to who Múspell's champion is but Nifl declares that it makes no difference for they are the enemy and that they will kill her. Telling her that she has to survive.

When the duel finally occurs, Fjorm chooses to take her own life rather than take Laegjarn's. However, due to Múspell's misunderstanding of the Twilit Runes, his Flame Gem brings Fjorm back to life. Fjorm uses the power of ice to repel Múspell, and having lost, he fades away. With everything resolved, Nifl fades away as well, telling Fjorm to be happy as she departs.


Nifl matches her domain: cold, distant, and harsh. She has very little care for anything, let alone the whims and feelings of the members of Nifl's royal family. She is perceptive in noticing Fjorm's reasons for continuing to live despite the deal of giving her the power to stop Surtr. As such she is merciful in nature, but also one who demands an exchange of service in order to do so.

In the past, Nifl was much more kind and open, showing particular care and affection for Hvergel, the first queen of Nifl. Her death deeply wounded Nifl's emotions so much that she closed herself off from attachment to anyone else out of fear of suffering the same trauma as the past.


God of Ice
The god of Nifl, the Kingdom of Ice. Her frozen personality is as cold and distant as her realm.

Base Stats

Nifl Heroes sprite.pngTitle
God of Ice
Heroes Cavalry.png Cavalry
FEH skill offense.png Frostbite Breath
FEH skill support.png Rally Resistance
FEH Thunder Breath.png Breath


FEH skill offense.pngFire Breath---
Fire Breath+Fire Breath--
FlametongueFire Breath+--
Frostbite BreathFlametongueFEH Star Rarity 5.pngFEH Star Rarity 5.png
FEH skill support.pngRally Resistance---
Rally Def/ResRally Resistance--
Rally Def/Res+Rally Def/Res-FEH Star Rarity 5.png
AFEH AR-D Atk Spd 1.png AR-D Atk/Spd 1--
FEH AR-D Atk Spd 2.png AR-D Atk/Spd 2FEH AR-D Atk Spd 1.png AR-D Atk/Spd 1-
FEH AR-D Atk Spd 3.png AR-D Atk/Spd 3FEH AR-D Atk Spd 2.png AR-D Atk/Spd 2-
FEH AR-D Atk Spd 4.png AR-D Atk/Spd 4FEH AR-D Atk Spd 3.png AR-D Atk/Spd 3FEH Star Rarity 5.png
BFEH Lull Atk Spd 1.png Lull Atk/Spd 1--
FEH Lull Atk Spd 2.png Lull Atk/Spd 2FEH Lull Atk Spd 1.png Lull Atk/Spd 1-
FEH Lull Atk Spd 3.png Lull Atk/Spd 3FEH Lull Atk Spd 2.png Lull Atk/Spd 2-
CFEH Domain of Ice.png Domain of Ice-FEH Star Rarity 5.png


Secret Book (Artwork).png
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Base Kit

Nifl is the first ever Cavalry Dragon unit in the game, as well as in the series, making her a very unique unit upon her introduction. With her breath being blue colored, Nifl is positioned bizarrely as she is a deity character who is not a Legendary nor a Mythic Hero. While this may be a detriment in some cases, Nifl by herself has rather solid offensive stats at 38 Atk and 40 Spd, but her bulk is on the lower end, scoring a 66 for physical and 62 for magical. While she may not be the most impressive unit to date outside of her unit type combination introductory status, she is rather solid of a choice if able to be secured.
Frostbite Breath is her unique weapon skill and innately boosts her 40 Spd to an even better 43. If she initiates combat over 25%, her foe suffers a -5 penalty to their four core stats. In addition, if she attacks her enemy, she inflicts a Flash status on her foe and any foe within two spaces of her target, preventing them from counterattacking, thus allowing her allies to pile on attacks without having to worry about enemy counterattacks.
Despite not being a Legendary/Mythic unit, she carries a unique Skill C, Domain of Ice which increases her allies' Spd/Res by 4 and reduces damage taken on the foe's first attack by 30% if her allies are within two spaces of her during combat. In return, she receives the same effects if she is within two spaces of an ally. The combination of her weapon and special Skill C makes her both an incredible ally to set up offensive assaults on the enemy while also ensuring that her allies are protected to an extent as a supportive unit as well.
Rally Defense Resistance+ gives an ally Def/Res+6 if she uses it n them through her Support action. AR-D Attack Speed gives her additional Atk/Spd during combat if used as a defensive unit in Aether Raids and based on the number of defensive structures on her map. Lull Attack Speed neutralizes any visible bonuses to her foe's Atk/Spd and also inflicts Atk/Spd-3 on them, allowing her to achieve mainly a higher Spd advantage over her foe.


Nifl's status as a Cavalry and a Dragon unit is a double-edged sword as she is affected by a large number of weapons designed to deal effective damage to both such as Micaiah and her various forms or many common dragonslayer weapon users, mainly Julia (both her standard and legendary), Deirdre, Legendary/Fallen Tiki, and Naga's Divine Fang buff onto her allies. Even without these effective weapons, most green units with solid enough damage can deal massive damage through her.

Skill Inheritance

Nifl's only empty slot is her Special which Moonbow or Luna are solid, easy to acquire special skill that gives her immediate benefits when it activates by ignoring part of her foe's Def/Res depending on the kind of unit she is facing. Swift Sparrow also makes for a solid means of boosting her player phase power to make her a potent frontline ally to push her weapon's debuff effects on enemies around her targeted opponent.


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Nifl's name is based on a realm of Norse Mythology that inspired the Kingdom of Nifl. In Norse Mythology, Niflheim is the name of one of the Nine Worlds and considered one of two primordial realms alongside Muspelheim. It is said to be a realm of ice, cold, and frost. Through it, the rivers of Élivágar flow.


  • She shares her Japanese voice actress with Fjorm from the same game.
  • Nifl debuted in the Tempest Trials+: Ice & Flame 1 event, being the second Heroes original character to debut in a limited time event, following Thórr.
    • She's the first to debut in a Tempest Trials event.
  • Nifl is the first Breath Hero to be a cavalry unit.
  • Nifl and Múspell are the only Book II associated characters who are not illustrated by Maeshima Shigeki.
  • Nifl shares her English voice actress, Anairis Quiñones, with Karin.


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