Night Sky (星影, Hoshikage lit. Star Shadow) is a skill introduced in Fire Emblem Heroes. It is a special type skill which increases damage dealt by 50%. This serves as the basic level of the skills Astra and Glimmer.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Name Charge SP
FEH skill special.png Night Sky 4 100
Effects Grants +50% to damage dealt.
Users Anna, Ayra, Beruka, Camilla (Steamy Secrets), Ceclica (Warrior Priestess), Clarisse, Claude, Cordelia, Corrin (Bloodbound Beast), Felix (Icy Gift Giver), Gaius (Thief Exposed), Gunnthrá (Year's First Dream), Hana (Focused Ninja), Hector (Just Here to Fight), Jaffar, Jamke, Kagero (Spring Ninja), Larcei, Legault, Leif (Unifier of Thracia), Leo (Extra Tomatoes), Lethe (New Year's Claw), Lewyn, Lon'qu, Lyn, Marisa, Merric (Changing Winds), Panne, Peri, Rath, Roy (Brave Lion), Ryoma, Ryoma (Supreme Samurai), Shannan, Shinon, Sothe, Takumi (Prince at Play), Tibarn (Shipless Pirate), Veronica (Spring Princess), Virion, Yarne, Ylgr, Zihark (Ninja Blademaster)
Notes Not inheritable by staff units
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