“A dance that increases allies' defenses for a turn.”
—In-game description

Ninis' Grace (ニニスの守護 Ninisu no shugo, lit. Ninis' Protection) is a Ring that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Blessed by Ninis, the spirit of Ice, Ninis' Grace is a keepsake that Ninian received from her mother. Whenever Ninian speaks about the item, she assumes a demeanour of wariness, ever vigilant about overusing it and wearing it out.

Ninis' Grace permits Ninian or Nils to perform a special dance or ballad for any character to temporarily boost their Defense and Resistance by 10 for the duration of one full turn.


Ninis' Grace is first mentioned at the end of Chapter 7, provided that it is completed in 15 turns or less. After Ninian expresses her gratitude towards Lyn for permitting both her and her brother to travel with her army, she comes to the realisation that she had misplaced Ninis' Grace in the preceding battle. The conclusion that the ring had been stolen by the Black Fang is made, and Lyn makes the decision to retrieve it on Ninian's behalf.

Pursuing the stragglers of the preceding battle, Lyn's army is led to an old castle located in Kathelet in Chapter 7x. Prior to the start of the ensuing battle, the leader of the stragglers, Beyard, is revealed to have hold of Ninis' Grace. Upon defeating Beyard, the ring is wrested from his grasp and returned to Ninian. At this point, the ring does not yet manifest as a usable item, given the fact that Nils directly aids Lyn's army in his sister's stead.

Ninis' Grace later plays a fairly prominent role in Chapter 20E/21H, where it is instrumental in aiding Ninian's intent of convincing Eliwood into allowing her to assist him in battle through her sacred dances. With Ninis' Grace on hand, Ninian proceeds to perform a dance that enwraps Eliwood in a mystical shield of protection prior to the initiation of the ensuing battle.

Item Information

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Ninissgrace Ninis' Grace 15 - Temporarily increases an allied unit's Defense and Resistance by 10 for one full turn.
Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Ninissgrace Dummy 15 - DUMMY

Item Location

Method Location
Inventory Ninian


  • Ninis' Grace underwent several name changes before the game's official release, ranging from "Battle Robe" to "Defense Robe" before assuming its finalised name
  • Strangely, even if you don't complete chapter 7x in Lyn's Tale, Ninian will still have Ninis' Grace when she joins later in the game.
  • Ninis' Grace appears in the item coding of The Sacred Stones, but as a Dummy item. It retains its effect from the previous game and can be wielded by Tethys.
  • After being used to boost a unit in The Sacred Stones, checking the unit's Cond stat in their personal data will display "Defense and Resistance increased, thanks to Ninis' Grace."
    • It was likely first intended that the Rings were capable of being acquired through normal conditions, but was scrapped later on in development.
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