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===Dropped Items===
===Dropped Items===
* [[Kodachi]] - Kotarou
* [[Kodachi]] - Kotarou
* [[Summer Festal]] x2
* [[Sun Festal]] x2
===Chest Items===
===Chest Items===
* [[Rescue (staff)|Vanished Disaster]]
* [[Rescue (staff)|Rescue]]
==Enemy Reinforcements==
==Enemy Reinforcements==

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Ninja Village (忍の里 Shinobu no sato Shinobi Village in the Japanese version) is Chapter 10 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Birthright Version.


Secret Book (Artwork)
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The player starts off on the western area of the map while the enemy occupies the east. The enemies in this chapter are mainly Ninjas, Spear Fighters and a few Shrine Maidens. Throughout the map there are open areas that seemingly look safe. When one of your units steps in them, it will reveal spikes which chip off 2 health every turn on every unit. The Dragon Vein spots throughout the area will open these areas immediately when used.

Keep Azura near the west area of the map at the end of your turn. Takumi appears as an enemy at the beginning of your next turn, so have her talk to him to break the mind control spell off of him and will allow him to join your army.

The area is scattered with thick forests which are impassable by land units, so fliers can help in getting across the map by bypassing the spike traps. They can also allow you to bypass Kotarou if he is the last enemy standing, as he blocks the way to the chest. Once all enemy units are routed, the chapter is completed.


Dropped Items

Chest Items

Enemy Reinforcements

  • Takumi arrives from the player's starting position at the beginning of turn 2.


  • Saizo will have a short conversation with Kotarou if he deals the killing blow

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