The Nintendo Switch, originally codenamed as the NX, is an upcoming home console created by Nintendo. The Nintendo switch is the seventh home console system released by Nintendo and is the spiritual successor to the Wii U.



The Nintendo Switch, as stated by Nintendo, is a spiritual successor of many of Nintendo's previous systems features, adopting them into its design. These includes a four button set up and shoulder buttons started by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, two pre packaged controllers like the Famicon, the portability of the original GameBoy, the joystick and rumble capabilities of the Nintendo 64, the touch screen of the Nintendo 3DS, the motion controller features of the Wii, and the off-tv gameplay of the Wii U.


The system itself is comprised mainly of a computer handheld-like tablet which has touch screen capabilities and a special stand to allow the tablet to hold itself upright on a surface. It can be transported and played while in this mode, holding roughly 3-6 hours of non-power source connected play depending on the game. It can sync wirelessly with nearby Nintendo Switch systems for local and worldwide multiplayer connectivity. When placed on a Nintendo Switch dock attached to a TV, the game can be played on a TV.


The system comes prepackaged with two Joy-Con controllers which functions similarly to the Wiimote controller with both controller like setups including the four button settup, a Joy Stick, and two shoulder buttons. The Joy-Cons can be attached to the sides of the system itself to resemble to Gamepad for the Wii U. They can also be attached to a special grip to provide a traditional gamepad form. A Pro-Controller has also been created for the system

Fire Emblem Related Software

Fire Emblem Warriors was announced for Nintendo Switch on January 12th, 2017. The release date for this game has not been announced.

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