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“Supposedly the founder of the Leonster Kingdom, Crusader Njörun, was Dáinn's younger sister.”
—A North Thracian villager talking about Njörun

Njörun is one of the Twelve Crusaders, possesses the title of Lance Knight, is the original wielder of the Gáe Bolg, and is the founder of the Munster District.

Her known blood descendents are: Calf, Quan, Altena, and Leif. Her older brother is Dáinn, and is the indirect ancestor to Travant and Arion.

According to some sources, Njörun and Dáinn's lives took a turn for the tragic in what's known as the "Tragedy of the Gáe Bolg". Njörun fell in love with an unnamed Thracian knight who also was a friend to Dáinn, married him after the war, and they lived happily for some time. However, while trying to stop a fight between her husband and Dáinn, Njörun accidentally killed her spouse with the Gáe Bolg. Broken with grief, Njörun committed suicide to join her husband in death, and few years later Dáinn also died in mysterious circumstances. Ever since then, Munster and Thracia have had huge difficulties.


Njörun was a goddess in Norse mythology.