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Njörun's Zeal is a skill introduced in Fire Emblem Heroes unique to Leif (Uniter of Thracia).

In essence, Njörun's Zeal functions as a variation of Galeforce, giving Leif another action after combat if he initiates with the special charged. This is unique both because of the lower charge compared to the more common Galeforce, but also because Leif (Uniter of Thracia) is the only 2-range unit in the game to be able to refresh himself through a Galeforce effect.

As a tradeoff for the self-refresh skill; after Njörun's Zeal triggers, Leif and any potential Pair Up units he may have suffer the effect of Gravity through their next action.


Name Charge SP
Njörun's Zeal 3 500
Effects If unit initiates combat, grants another action to unit after combat. (Once per turn.) When Special triggers, inflicts "restricts movement to 1 space" on unit and Pair Up cohort through their next action.
Users Cannot be inherited