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No Stone Unturned is a compulsory quest in the 6th chapter of Fire Emblem: Three Houses that is received from the house leader of the selected route (Edelgard/Dimitri/Claude). Completion of the quest advances the story to the next chapter.

Quest Details

"Anyone with information about Flayn's disappearance, please report to me."


"Gather clues about Flayn by talking to different people throughout the monastery. If someone seems suspicious, you should check their room or other places they might spend time."

Quest-Giver Dialogue


  • Edelgard: If we fail to locate Flayn soon, it will be too late. Let's assume she's been abducted, and start gathering what information we can about suspicious individuals.


  • Dimitri: We must locate Flayn, and soon. Let's gather all of the information we can around the monastery. Surely someone must have seen or heard something.


  • Claude: I wish we could do more for Flayn, but since we've got no leads, our only option is to search the monastery with a fine-tooth comb. Someone must know something.

Quest Completion Dialogue


  • Edelgard: Jeritza is certainly suspicious. Let's ask him directly what he knows. I think he may be at the training grounds, or perhaps his quarters.


  • Dimitri: I agree that Professor Jeritza's behavior is odd. We should ask him directly. I expect he'll be at the training grounds or in his quarters.


  • Claude: Jeritza is suspicious, to say the least. I think you should ask him directly. He should be at the training grounds or in his quarters.


The quest giver can be found in the classroom of their house, i.e. Edelgard in the Black Eagles classroom; Dimitri in the Blue Lions; and Claude in the Golden Deer.


Black Eagles route

Blue Lions route

Golden Deer route


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This quest can be completed before or after actually speaking to the quest giver. In order to gather the required information, you must first talk to some of the students to collection information about people they find suspicious. Once the student has been spoken to, the location of their suspect will be marked on the map. After all the students and suspects have been spoken to, you can go to the quest-giver and receive the reward, and then visit the main suspect's quarters.

Student Student Location Suspect Suspect Location
Raphael Dining Hall Alois Fishing Pond
Felix Dining Hall Catherine/Jeritza Training Grounds
Petra Reception Hall Shamir Marketplace
Dorothea Reception Hall Manuela/Jeralt Captain's Office
Linhardt Reception Hall (outside) Hanneman Stables
Ingrid Entrance Hall Gilbert Second Floor
Leonie Golden Deer Classroom Tomas Cathedral (near cemetery)

Note that completing this quest and going to the main suspect's quarters will advance the story and end the month. If you visit the main suspect's quarters on the first rest day of the month after completing the quest, you will proceed to the month's mission and will lose the opportunity to make use of the full month's classes and rest days. If you wish to take advantage of the full month's activities and facilities, complete the quest on the first rest day as required and finish exploring without going to the main suspect's quarters. You can skip the remainder of the month at any time by proceeding to the main suspect's quarters on another rest day. If you do not, the mission will arrive as per the pattern of the other months.

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