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National emblem of Nohr

Nohr (暗夜王国, lit. Dark Night Kingdom in the Japanese version) is a nation in the western half of the continent in Fire Emblem Fates.


The Kingdom of Nohr (highlighted area also encompasses the Kingdom of Nestra to the south)

The Kingdom of Nohr was founded by the humans loyal to the Dusk Dragon, who granted them land and its blood so they could harness the Dragon's Vein and land to build their country. Its capital is the city of Windmire, with the royal residence of Castle Krakenburg at its heart. Nohr is located west of Hoshido and the Bottomless Canyon, and north of Nestra. At least two tribes, the Ice Tribe and the Wolfskin make their homes within Nohrian territory. Wyverns can only be found in Nohr.

In contrast to the lush, sunny lands of Hoshido, Nohr suffers from unusually poor weather conditions. Contrary to popular belief, the sun does occasionally shine over Nohr, but most of the time the skies are deeply overcast and stormy. The lack of sunlight fosters a tundra-like climate where only the hardiest plants can grow, resulting in continually poor crop yields and frequent food shortages. Law and order have also steadily eroded over the years despite the iron grip of the glory-seeking Nohrian monarchs. Consequently, most Nohrians remain indoors or underground; according to Shura, only "rich foreigners and idiots" travel above.

The line of succession seems to favor the eldest royal. In the case of the death of the former, the crown goes to the next oldest. However, one can give up the title to another of the royal lineage if they desire to, as evidenced in Birthright.

The Nohrian Army primarily consists of mounted units as the bulk of their army, though they also make use of generally well-equipped infantry such as Generals and Heroes.


Several years before the events of Fates, the tension was high in the Nohrian Royal family after the death of Queen Katerina. King Garon had attracted many women throughout his life and many approached him in hopes of gaining favor with him, ultimately resulting in him fathering children from multiple concubines. Unfortunately, a power struggle ensued, leading to the concubines attempting to rid Garon of his other children in hopes of gaining favor with him through their own. However, not all of the royal children died due to this conflict; some of them were executed, taken by Hoshido, or killed in battle instead.[1] After many years of bloodshed, poisonings, and assassinations, only four children remained: Xander (son of the late Katerina), Camilla, Leo, and Elise (all born from concubines). These events eventually lead to King Garon becoming hardened and disdainful.

After Queen Katerina's passing, the depressed Garon was disheartened to the point where he vowed to not marry again. That changed soon after however, and he married a second time. His new wife was a beautiful widow named Arete, who had a talent for singing and a very young daughter whom Garon adopted as his own; however, the nobles and the concubines despised both Arete and her child because they saw her as a poor replacement for the very well-loved Katerina. The marriage lasted shortly, with Arete dying as well, and embittering Garon further.

Relations between Nohr and its rival Hoshido were long fraught with tension, as Nohr envied Hoshido's bountiful lands. King Garon offered to meet King Sumeragi in Cheve, ostensibly to resolve the differences between their two nations. Sumeragi brought Corrin along with him, per Garon's request. However, this parley was merely a trap and Sumeragi was ambushed and killed protecting Corrin. Corrin was kidnapped by King Garon and sent to the Northern Fortress to be raised in isolation, losing all memory of their time in Hoshido and their origins in the process. In retaliation, Yukimura hired Shura and his gang to kidnap Azura, the late Arete's daughter who was actually Vallite royalty.

Over the following years, Nohr and Hoshido frequently skirmished, with all-out war prevented only by a magical barrier crafted by Queen Mikoto; the barrier caused any Nohrian soldiers who crossed it to lose their will to fight. To counter this, Nohr's mages created the Faceless, constructs of human flesh who lacked souls and free will, allowing them to retain their aggression beyond the barrier and attack Hoshido. However, the Faceless lacked the intelligence and coordination of a human army, limiting the damage they could inflict. However, as Corrin was brought back to Hoshido, Mikoto was killed by a hooded man, causing the barrier to dissipate.


When war breaks out between Nohr and Hoshido, the Nohrian Army quickly attempt to get a firm grip on several nations, but their attempts are repelled by the Hoshidan Army. Corrin decides to capture Garon so they can negotiate for an end to the war, though this plan quickly fails as Zola, the Nohrian mage they had spared, betrayed them to Garon. Nohr is also revealed to have made an alliance with Mokushu, who assists the Nohrians in attempting to conquer Hoshido.

With no other choice, they decide to kill Garon after all the suffering he has brought to the people and to bring peace throughout the land. Corrin and the Hoshidan Army, searching for Ryoma, head to Cheve where they are assisted by Scarlet and her rebels. Knowing that they have no other choice to enter Nohr, they manage to rush one of the many forts guarding the Nohrian border and infiltrate the nation before Nohrian troops can pursue them. On the way, they are ambush by Iago, who warns Corrin they have a traitor in their group. Leo also ambushes Corrin's group, hoping to kill Corrin for treason, but is defeated in battle. However, Corrin refuses to slay the man they once called brother. Azura gives him a crystal that will reveal the true nature of the war to him, and Leo gives them a magic tome that transports them to Notre Sagesse. They slowly make their way to Windmire during their campaign, and with Shura's help, they eventually arrive at Castle Krakenburg.

Inside, they meet with Elise, who joins Corrin's group, hoping to end the war without further bloodshed and become a family again. After exiting the secret tunnel and defeating Camilla one last time, the Hoshidans find themselves in the middle of a training ground led by Hans. Hans' soldiers are unable to defeat the Hoshidans, so Hans personally takes over, overwhelming Corrin. Before Hans can land the killing blow, Corrin's close friend Lilith sacrifices herself via taking the blow. Corrin, in a fit of rage, kills Hans after a short battle. Lilith talks with Corrin one last time before dying, sending them into tears. However, Ryoma tells them that they cannot give up now, as they are getting closer and that she sacrificed herself to help their cause, giving new hope to Corrin.

The Hoshidans army arrives at the staircase leading to the throne room of Castle Krakenburg and before they can climb it, Iago ambushes them once again and mocks Corrin for still being alive, but Corrin is through playing Iago's games and tells him to just fight. However, Iago tells Elise to come to his side, to which she refuses on grounds of him making Xander and Leo fight Corrin and attempting to kill them many times. As Corrin threatens him, Iago reveals one last trick, mind-controlling Takumi, who begins to restrain Azura. Iago reveals that Takumi was the traitor all along and has been on Nohr's side, as he figured out their whereabouts throughout their journey thanks to him. Corrin refuses to believe Takumi would willingly betray them, reasoning that he must still be possessed. Corrin pleads for Takumi to stop, saying that they still believe in him. Takumi's possession lapses for just long enough for Azura to sing and dispel it completely, though Iago nearly stops her before Sakura stops him first. Takumi breaks free and shoots Iago, and declares that he will live up to his title as prince. Iago is shocked and angered that his plans failed yet again, as Corrin then declares that peace is coming and he can't stand in their way any longer and threatens to kill Iago once and for all, and the Hoshidian army begin their assault against Iago.

After being defeated for the final time, Iago cowers and attempts to beg for his life, claiming to have been possessed, just like Takumi. However, they are not fooled by this, and Leo arrives moments afterward. Iago begs Leo to save him, but he ignores Iago's pitiful attempt to receive mercy and mercilessly executes him for good. Corrin thanks Leo and asks him to join them, but he informs Corrin that although he has been enlightened on the righteousness of their cause, he is unable to formally join them due to refusing to fight Garon and his position as a prince of Nohr and cannot aid them further, but allows them to pass through without any interference.

After passing through the Great Staircase in Castle Krakenburg, Corrin faces off against Xander alone, the last person left guarding Garon. Elise, hating the idea of seeing her two dear siblings fight, intervenes, taking Xander's finishing blow in Corrin's stead. In her final breaths, Elise pleads with Xander to seek a more peaceful end to their fight. Both Corrin and Xander grieve for their fallen sister but Xander insists on finishing the duel. Heartbroken by their sister's death and their brother's seemingly uncaring feelings towards it, Corrin resolves to end the duel. Though they finally strike him down, they know that Xander was holding back and allowed them to do so. Xander admits that he is aware of his father's descent into madness. However, seeing how much Corrin has grown, he believes that they now wield the power to end his machinations and bring true peace to the world. Before moving forward once and for all, Corrin thanks Xander and Elise for all that they've done for them, and promises to them that they will end the war for good.

In the throne room, Corrin finally confronts Garon to end his reign. Garon then flaunts their power and taunts them, referring to their achievements as "something approaching competence". Corrin announces their aim to dethrone Garon, bringing up the deaths of Xander and Elise, which Garon is surprised by, though only because of Xander's and Corrin's strength as his "pawns". Disgusted by Garon's nature, Corrin declares him to be irredeemable and vows to kill him. With their strengthened bond with Ryoma and Takumi, the Yato ascends in form, turning into the Blazing Yato. Despite his newfound power, Garon is taken down, but in a last-ditch effort, he transforms into a Blight Dragon and destroys the Yato. Corrin protects Ryoma and Takumi from a powerful attack but falls into a near-death state.

Corrin wakes up with the help of the souls of Lilith, Flora (who had committed suicide over being forced to fight them), Elise, and Xander. With the restored Blazing Yato, they face off Garon again in the final battle and they kill Garon once and for all. Garon returns to his human form, regaining his memories again before disappearing. Corrin wonders if what Xander said was true, with Garon being "controlled" by someone else. Corrin and the Hoshidan siblings notice that Azura is dissolving into water, an effect of overtaxing the power of her necklace and her song. Corrin mourns for her sacrifice but promises to make a better future thanks to her power.

Following King Garon's death, peace is restored throughout the lands. Due to Xander's death and position as the Crown Prince, Camilla becomes Garon's successor. However, she felt uncomfortable with such a position and relinquished it to Leo since she considered him far more fitting for such a hard task. Leo accepted such a position readily, and by the time Ryoma is coronated as King of Hoshido and had made peace with Nohr, he tells Corrin and his siblings that he already has plans to make Nohr flourish after witnessing their plight firsthand.


When war breaks out, Garon sends Corrin out on various tasks to firm Nohr's hold over several territories, such as the port town of Dia, Notre Sagesse, and stopping a rebellion in Cheve. Corrin successfully completes all of these tasks, bringing more power to Nohr.

Due to their numerous victories over the Hoshidan army, Garon decides to begin his invasion of Hoshido, sending Corrin and their army to Hoshido by boat. Before Corrin's army makes it to Hoshido, they pass through some other kingdoms and territories and secretly eliminate some corrupt factions supporting the evil forces of Nohr. They cross the sea and reach Mokushu, their allies who are lead by their Daimyo, Kotaro. When the Nohrians find out that the Mokushujin ninjas are the underhanded soldiers, they defend Saizo and Kagero against them and kill Kotaro. Then they go to the neutral kingdom of Izumo, where the royals families of both kingdoms are forced to cooperate in honor of the kingdom's neutrality pact. However, the archduke is impersonated by Zola and has the Hoshidans captured in order to win the war quickly. Corrin and the Nohrian siblings choose to stop Zola's forces from using dishonorable tactics to win the war and Leo executes Zola so he can't report their betrayal to Garon.

After a brief moment of respite in Izumo, the invasion continues as planned. Corrin's army travels through Kitsune Hamlet, the Wind Tribe Village, and the Eternal Stairway to reach Hoshido, as all other routes are heavily guarded. The Nohrian army battles the Hoshidan army at Fort Jinya and quickly advances into the capital city, sparing Sakura and her retainers, but Garon's army massacres their solders. Shortly after this, the Nohrian Army becomes split into two factions; due to differing views, Xander and the other siblings to Corrin's side, while Garon's loyalists, Iago, and Hans stay by Garon's side and Azura tells Corrin they must kill Garon's loyalist, as well as Garon himself to truly bring peace.

The group next confronts and defeats Takumi at the Great Wall of Suzanoh; at the conclusion of the battle, his body begins to emit a noxious purple aura, and he jumps off the wall to his apparent death. However, the Nohrians are unable to recover his body, and Corrin maintains hope he may have survived. They later besiege Castle Shirasagi and defeat all the Hoshidans inside, resulting in total victory: Corrin manages to send Hinoka and her retainers into safety behind Garon's back after defeating her, but Iago, knowing that Corrin spared Hinoka willingly, sends his men to look for her without anyone knowing.

The Nohrians enter Castle Shirasagi and confronts Ryoma, the last line of defense. Iago throws Hinoka's bloodied spear at him and forces Corrin to admit that they had killed her. Wracked by fury and grief, Ryoma promptly attacks Corrin, forcing them to duel him in a private chamber sealed off from the rest of the castle. Corrin eventually emerges victorious, whereupon they quickly reveal that they had lied about Hinoka's death and had also promised Hinoka to ensure Ryoma's safety. Although Ryoma is initially reluctant to believe Corrin, he notices their Yato glowing, an indication that they are telling the truth. Garon then enters the scene and goads Corrin to kill Ryoma, to which they adamantly refuse. Ryoma extricates Corrin from this painful dilemma by choosing to personally take his own life through the act of seppuku, which he believes will both spare Corrin from having to kill him and will let Ryoma retain his honor as a warrior.

With no other defense left, Garon arrives at the Shirasagi Throne Room, completing his goal. Demanding that they do not enter the throne room without his permission, he goes inside alone to bask in his glory and consult the great Anankos, while Corrin and the others wait outside. Iago exposes Corrin for sparing Hinoka and promptly attempts to kill them along with Garon's loyalists. However, they are stopped by Xander and his Nohrian siblings, having had enough of their cruelty, disgraceful crimes and Iago's obsession over trying to kill Corrin, and knowing they can kill them without Garon to protect them any more, they challenge them to a duel to the death and take back Nohr from them, much to Iago's horror, as he is forced to fight them alongside Garon's loyalists and without Garon to protect him.

Corrin and their army overcome and kill Garon's forces, including Hans, and Leo personally executes Iago once and for all, after he condemns his existence and refusing to accept his plea for mercy and also ending his schemes against Corrin. With Iago's death, Corrin tells their siblings they must kill Garon to truly end the war. Proving Azura's claims, Garon is exposed as a monster after sitting on the throne that uncovers his true for and prepares to kill them. Elise, Camilla and Leo refuses to fight the man they once called Father, but Xander stops Garon from killing Corrin and tells him he is no longer the father he once knew and rallies his siblings to fight Garon. After a tense battle, Garon is killed by Corrin, though a possessed Takumi suddenly appears, resulting in another battle.

After this battle, Corrin manages to sever the connection that an unknown entity had over Takumi, bringing his body to peace and finally ending the war. With Garon and Takumi's defeat, peace has been restored to both Hoshido and Nohr and Xander is crowned King of Nohr, who then makes peace with Hoshido to prevent another war and relinquishes hold of Hoshido so the two nations can rebuild in a time of peace and undo all the evil had been done to Nohr. Due to Ryoma's death, Hinoka takes the throne as a consequence, and while she's not completely sure that she's up to said task, Sakura, Corrin, and the Nohrian Royals believe that she will be a great Queen.


A truce between Nohr and Hoshido is made, with a treaty being made after by Xander and Ryoma. As with Conquest, the Nohrian Army becomes divided, with the royal children supporting Corrin, while Hans and Iago support Garon and take their forces to kill them, but both fail. They eventually find the true culprit, the Silent Dragon Anankos, and kill him, ending the war.

At the end of the game, Xander and Ryoma decide to cede part of their lands for a newly formed Valla, with Corrin serving as their King or Queen depending on their gender, and Xander is crowned as the King of Nohr. If Corrin is female, she can potentially marry him and unite their kingdoms.

Notable Locations

Family Tree

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Known People from Nohr


  • Garon - The cold and ruthless king of Nohr who intends to invade and rule over Hoshido.
  • Katerina - King Garon's first wife, late queen of Nohr, and Xander's mother.
  • Arete - Azura's mother and second wife of King Garon.
  • Xander - The eldest prince of Nohr, a chivalrous and honorable Paladin who wields the legendary sword Siegfried and is respected for his military prowess. Becomes king after the events of Conquest and Revelation.
  • Camilla - The eldest princess of Nohr, a motherly and merciless Malig Knight.
  • Corrin - Adopted prince/princess, a sheltered royal kidnapped from Hoshido at a young age.
  • Azura - Princess of Nohr and Garon's stepdaughter, kidnapped and raised by Hoshido.
  • Leo - The youngest prince of Nohr, a talented Dark Knight who wields the legendary tome Brynhildr. Becomes king after the events of Birthright.
  • Elise - The youngest princess of Nohr, a cheerful and energetic Troubadour who is a bit childish, but has a pure heart and keen eyes.


  • Jakob - An efficient but antisocial Butler serving Corrin.
  • Felicia - A clumsy yet hardworking Maid in service of Corrin.
  • Flora - Felicia's twin working for Corrin, a skilled Maid with a cold disposition.
  • Gunter - Corrin's caretaker, a strict and disciplined Great Knight.
  • Effie - Elise's subordinate, a gentle Knight with great strength and devotion.
  • Arthur - Elise’s subordinate, a Fighter with a strong sense of justice but uncannily bad luck.
  • Beruka - Camilla's subordinate, a Wyvern Rider former assassin who seems devoid of emotion.
  • Niles - Leo's subordinate, a former Outlaw who wags his saucy tongue at everyone.
  • Peri - Xander's subordinate, a childish Cavalier who massacres foes with childlike glee.

Other Nohrians

  • Silas - A newly appointed loyal Nohrian Cavalier and Corrin's childhood friend who's often asked for advice.
  • Nyx - An introverted, fortune telling Dark Mage who once grew so overwhelmed by her own power, she cast a forbidden spell, inflicting unspeakable loss.
  • Scarlet - A crimson-armored Wyvern Lord from Cheve and the leader of a group of rebels that oppose Garon's rule.
  • Charlotte - A crude border guard Fighter who puts on an innocent act and dreams of rising above the class of her middling birth.
  • Benny - A gentle giant border guard Knight from a farming village who is kinder than he appears and is loved by animals.
  • Keaton - The leader of the Wolfskin that set up their stronghold on Mount Garou who is sociable but isn't always honest with himself or others.
  • Iago - Garon's advisor and right hand man, a cowardly Sorcerer who uses cruel schemes and malicious magic to plague the enemies of Nohr.
  • Hans - A violent and ambitious Berserker working for Garon.
  • Zola - A Dark Mage and a master of illusion working for Garon.
  • Daniela - A Strategist sent to guard the Nohrian border.
  • Nichol - An apathetic Malig Knight who has a strong will to survive.
  • Candace - An Adventurer who is famous across Nohr.
  • Shade - A Dark Mage who debuted in Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher).
  • Lloyd - A bandit, and the brother of Llewelyn.
  • Llewelyn - A bandit, and the brother of Lloyd.
  • Funke - A Burglar who attempts to break in to a wealthy manor.
  • Gazak - A Bandit leader who captures Leo's son, Forrest.


Nohr is probably a corruption of the french word Noir meaning Black. This refers back to Nohr's other name, the Black Knight Kingdom.

Anyam is a Japanese name, literally means Dark Night in Japanese.


  • Nohr is based on feudal European kingdoms, but primarily draws certain aesthetic and cultural details, such as armor, architecture, and the emphasis on achieving glory, from the Roman and Greek empires. Furthermore, Stoneborn enemies have faces based on the Roman sculpture The Mouth of Truth, and the character of Xander is inspired by the legendary Alexander the Great, a Macedonian king and conqueror.
    • Other European elements vary but include French etymologies (Nohr itself and several Nohrian characters) and Norse mythology (Nohrian divine weapons and several Tome names).
    • In addition to this, Nohr features themes reminiscent of Scotland, particularly noticeable in the soundtrack due to the music style, which includes bagpipes.
  • In-game, black roses represent Nohr.
  • All of the Nohrian royal siblings appear in classes with mounts.