With Celica Edit

C support Edit

  • Celica: How are you feeling, Nomah?
  • Nomah: I'm getting by well enough, little one.
  • Celica: That's good. But please promise me that you won't overexert yourself.
  • Nomah: Bah! Stop treating me like a frail old man with one foot in the grave! ...Though I admit all this fighting DOES take a toll on my poor back.
  • Celica: I'm very sorry to hear it. Let me rub it for you.
  • Nomah: Oh... Yes, that feels wonderful... Thank you, little one.
  • Celica: Happy to help! Hee hee.

B support Edit

  • Celica: How's your back today, Nomah?
  • Nomah: Lithe as a willow branch, thanks to you. But now my shoulder is giving me trouble. Old jousting injury, you see...
  • Celica: Oh, you poor thing. Here, let me give you another massage.
  • Nomah: Oh! Oh... Ahhh... You're too kind. Ahhh... I can feel the pain receding already.
  • Celica: I'm very glad to hear it.

A support Edit

  • Celica: Hello, Nomah.
  • Nomah: Greetings, little one. Oh! Yes. Er, so today, it seems I have a new pain in my... um... hair? Yes, that's—
  • Celica: *sigh* Stop, Nomah. You don't need to keep pretending. In truth, I don't think you've been in pain this whole time.
  • Nomah: Heh heh. Caught on to me, have you?
  • Celica: You've always enjoyed your little jokes and japes. At this rate, you're well enough to keep fighting for me for a long while yet. Uh oh. Here comes the enemy now. Let's go!
  • Nomah: Ah! Yes. More... fighting. All right, Nomah, time to suck it up!
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