Leif followed Dorias' advice and led his troops along the coastline towards Leonster. However, an Imperial base by the name of "Fort Norden" stood in their path. Friege's elite forces were stationed there, prepared to defend against the Liberation Army...”
—Opening Narration

Norden Line is Chapter 16A of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.

Notable features in this chapter include:

  • The return of Kempf, who can be goaded into charging out of the protective range of a line of ballista units should the player approach him with Olwen
  • Conomor's wave of reinforcements, which arrives near the west end of the map on turn 20. Conomor bears the Awareness manual, and may be either ignored, captured or killed with impunity because he cannot be recruited in this route.
  • Two recruitable units: Ilios, who is a potent replacement for Olwen, and Sleuf, who notably possesses an A rank in staves, allowing him immediate utility as a warp staff user. If Ilios cannot be recruited, his Sun Sword Manual should be stolen.
  • A trio of cavaliers, located at the front of Ilios' unit, who are armed with Sleep Swords. Because they are mounted, and because the Sleep Sword cannot be stolen by thieves, the player must either use a Sleep staff or Tina's Thief Staff to steal one of the swords. The Sleep Swords are an excellent way to recruit Misha in the following chapter, and help facilitate captures in general, as well.
  • A wave of Pegasus Knight reinforcements that appears near the southern end of the map on turn 15. They will not move unless a unit enters their attacking range, but they are armed with dangerous horseslayers
  • An arena.

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