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“Stop your whining. How else am I to reward worms vile enough to sell their own princess to the enemy? Enjoy your payment, you greedy dastards! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Norris is a boss character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. He is a Daein officer who pursued Elincia during her escape to Begnion. He is very merciless with enemy informants, as he had two citizens of Port Toha sent to a hard labor camp after they had revealed Elincia's location to him; this might hint that he has a sense of integrity, as shown by this intolerance to sell-outs. He also seems to have an incredibly high amount of respect for the Black Knight, as shown when he takes offence at Sephiran for telling the Black Knight what to do. If he survives the battle on the boat for Begnion, Norris will swim away with the rest of his forces, never to trouble Ike or his men again.



Starting ClassAffinity
FE9 Norris Sniper SpriteSniperFE9WaterWater
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
FE9 AdeptAdeptFE9 BowBow - BFE9longbowLongbow*
FE9steelbowSteel Bow

*Dropped upon defeat


Secret Book (Artwork)
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On Easy or Normal, Norris will not move from his starting position unless he is on low health (in which case he will do so only to heal) or turn 8 has been reached. Because he is armed only with bows, he cannot counter direct attacks. Using short-ranged weapons on him should kill him very quickly, with no threat to your own units. Players should take caution, however, as he has a base critical chance of 15 due to being a Sniper. In addition, he has the Adept skill, which will occasionally give him an extra attack. He can easily kill many units just by getting lucky, but this can be countered by sending a unit with high defense and high luck to endure his attacks.


“Blast! All my plans are falling apart. I'll cut you all down!”
—Norris' battle quote

Battle Conversations[]

Vs. Laguz[]

  • Norris: First birds, then beasts? You inhuman fiends!

Vs. Ike[]

  • Norris: Ugh... You've come this far!? You've ruined my plans and killed my men! By right, the princess should have been long dead by now!
  • Ike: What we agreed to do... was to protect the cabin. But I can accomplish that mission if I crush you now.

Death Quote[]

“Accursed crows... You ruined... all plans...”
—Norris' death quote