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Not a Girl is Kiria Kurono's second side story in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


Itsuki finds Kiria having an episode at Fortuna Entertainment, with Maiko explaining that she scheduled the wrong gig for Kiria, where she would serve as the host of "Absolutely Cute!", a show about putting cute products on display. She offers to cancel, but flees in terror after Kiria starts making death threats. After calming down, Kiria explains to Itsuki that, as a young girl, she was obsessed with cute things, such as frilly clothes. As she got older, however, her body changed so that this style didn't suit her, eventually abandoning this side of her when a close friend called it "gross". She keeps her plush, Sir Gen, as a reminder of her old self.

Wanting to finally be rid of her love of cuteness, Kiria goes to Illusory Shibuya to wipe out the Aparritions living there. However, she quickly gets frustrated when they won't stop coming. Itsuki and Tharja help her to realize that she can't kill her own feelings, and Kiria finally accepts her love of cuteness, causing her Performa to awaken. After performing Radiant Unity, Tharja jokes that she could turn Kiria into a doll as a way of removing her emotions, but Kiria doesn't find it funny. Kiria proceeds to host Absolutly Cute!, dressing up as "Chloe the black cat", the show's MC. Afterwards, she thanks Itsuki for accepting this side of her.

Completing this side story unlocks Kiria's Special Performance Pastel Power.