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“I have. I sent some of our men to follow the princess as she fled Serafew. They tell me Eirika and her friends will be coming this way shortly. Our ambush is ready and waiting. There's no way they can escape. Like rats in a sack, as they say. Heh heh heh...”

Novala is an enemy character that appears in Chapter 6 of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He is the first Shaman boss and Riev's aide. He was sent to get Eirika's bracelet, doing so by threatening to feed Renais Civilians to the local Baels. He appears to be one of Grado's Royal Mages, due to his outfit being similar to Knoll's. He is also ambitious and dislikes Riev, claiming that he will someday replace him at the Emperor's side.




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Novala is quite easy to beat, as he has extremely low defense. Artur will generally be capable of doubling and damaging him reasonably, and some high strength units should be able to capitalize off of his poor Defense. The main threat from Novala lies in the chance that the player may send a low Resistance unit into attack range without realizing his presence. He also has unusually high crit chance.

Curiously, though Novala is willing to stoop to the vilest of means to achieve victory, he apparently lacks the basic strategic knowhow to take advantage of terrain effects. He is stationed on a plains tile and surrounded by forests that the player should no doubt use to defeat him.

Should the player choose to avoid encountering or defeating the Bael that is threatening the villagers, defeating Novala before the Bael can reach them will allow the player to rescue the villagers (and obtain the campaign's lone Orion's Bolt) anyway.


“No! It can't be... They've made it this far?! Grrr... Must I do everything myself!?”
—Novala's battle quote
“Aah... Is this...the end? No fame? No...glory--”
—Novala's death quote