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Keaton sets out for a gate to a Deeprealm in order to meet with his daughter, Velouria. Upon reaching the forest along the way, however, his group is set upon.”
—Opening Narration

Nutty Family (風変わりな親子 Quirky Parent and Child in the Japanese version) is Paralogue 18 of Fire Emblem Fates.

Paralogue Information

This paralogue is unlocked once Keaton has achieved an S-Support with a female character.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


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Both armies are in each half; the enemy is in the west, while the player's is on the east. The enemy seems to be well defended, as there are three fire orbs (28 damage, 105 accuracy) that are placed in a way that two of these orbs are likely to reach the player if rushing the middle.

The enemies only consist of Faceless, Sorcerers, Dark Knights, Malig Knights, Strategists and Adventurers. On Lunatic Mode, the Dark Knights come with Wary Fighter. The Faceless become more threatening on this mode. While they do not have high damage or defense, the front line of Faceless and the two next to the north/south fire orbs come with a combination of Seal Strength, Seal Speed or Seal Defense (always two different seal skills), while the group in the middle has Poison Strike and Savage Blow, making that group deal a lot of damage if they are not dealt with quickly. The Malig Knights also come with their class' skills. The Strategist in the middle will have an Entrap staff, while the one to the north and south have a freeze and enfeeble respectively.

On higher chapter progressions, the enemies may be too strong for Velouria to handle. Fortunately, you can control her from the start after crossing though the west of the map. Simply move her away from the enemies near her and use her Offspring Seal if it is in her inventory.

The boss is standing on the western fort. He is paired up with a Dark Knight in Guard Stance, who is in the front. On higher difficulties, he will have Vantage, Vengeance and Wary Fighter. However, Vengeance is a non-issue, as he only wields a Nosferatu tome, which cannot trigger offensive skills.

There are three Dragon Veins in the eastern part of the map. When used, it will Silence all units for one turn.

Enemy Reinforcements

  • Upon getting within range of the middle orb, 8 Faceless will appear in a T-like formation from the eastern forts (4 sets of 2). On this turn, Velouria will also appear in the northwest.
    • One turn after the Faceless reinforcements, 5 Dark Mages/Sorcerers will appear from the western fort.