Nuvelle, located in the far west of the Adrestian Empire, is the domain of House Nuvelle.

Profile[edit | edit source]

The Viscounty of Nuvelle encompasses the westernmost coast of the Adrestian Empire, and lies adjacent to the Brionac Plateau and Ochs. The territory features a harbor city, also called Nuvelle.

Unlike the other Houses, House Nuvelle was secretive of their Crest. When Saint Noa settled the land, she was afraid others would take advantage of her bloodline. To prevent this, she passed off her Crest as Macuil's, by creating a spell that would hide the true nature of her and her descendants' crests. They were also the only one who were not interested in expanding their influence, creating as few heirs as possible, and kept them as "pure", mostly by disallowing marriages between other houses.

House Nuvelle flourished due to a bustling maritime trade with Dagda, Brigid, Albinea, and other countries across the sea. But during the Dagda and Brigid War of Imperial Year 1175, House Nuvelle failed to prevent the invading armies of Dagda and Brigid from reaching shore, due to their lack of strong relationships between the other main Houses, which ultimately resulted in their downfall.

In the aftermath of the war, Constance was the only survivor from House Nuvelle, and she fled to the Abyss, planning to restore her House in the process. She is part of the Ashen Wolves, and was discovered by Byleth and their students.

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