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“Come! It's time you high-and-mighty knights learned to respect a true warrior!”
—O'Neill taunting his foes

O'Neill is a boss character in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.


O'Neill is a squad leader in the Grado Imperial Army who was present during the siege of Castle Renais. He and his two Fighter sentries had given chase to Eirika and Seth as they were entering Frelia.

Eirika, having just been given a Rapier, used it to fend off the soldiers. Eirika is able to slay O'Neill, though she is shaken up after the battle due to having killed a human for the first time in her life.




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O'Neill is a boss character who goes near units who go in his attack range. The Tutorial makes it easy to beat him, and Seth does not even lose any health in the level, though he does start off with 13HP after the fight with Valter.

When playing on Normal Mode, players should take caution when using Eirika to defeat O'Neill. While Batta is completely incapable of defeating Lyn in her campaign's Normal Mode, O'Neill has a surprisingly decent chance of defeating Eirika should the player choose to underestimate him.


“You will be the first to die!”
—O'Neill's battle quote
“What? How?”
—O'Neill's death quote.


  • O'Neill is actually slightly faster than Gheb, a promoted unit who is a boss in the much later Fort Rigwald chapter.
  • O'Neill has the generic fighter palette with the exception of darker brown hair. However in the game data, O'Neill's unused palette when on the player's side has a black uniform, matching his shirt.
  • O'Neill continues the trend of the first boss in the GBA trilogy being an axe wielding infantry class. However unlike Damas and Batta, O'Neill is not a criminal, though he has a similar thuggish attitude.
  • Several generic fighter units in cutscenes use a recolored version of his portrait such as the mercenary in Distant Blade.
    • It is interesting to note, O'Neill's hidden eyes are reminiscent of the portraits usually used by generic units.