Oasis Market is Map 15 of TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga.


Skills cost 7000G each to learn.

  1. Skill: Mountain Fighter
  2. Skill: Arena Fighter
  3. Skill: City Fighter
  4. Skill: Plains Fighter
  5. Skill: Forest Fighter
  6. Skill: Frontier Fighter
  7. Skill: Sea Fighter
  8. Skill: Anti-Evil
  9. Smith Event; Trade an Estoc and a Silver Shield for a Silver Sword
  10. Gambling House (Wager 1000 gold on a coin flip)
  11. Secret Shop



Name Price
Scimitar 660G
Shamshir 2800G
Killing Edge 2880G
Piluim 1500G
Poleaxe 2200G
Scissor Axe 2000G
Repeater Bow 1600G
Lightning 3000G

Secret ShopEdit

Name Price
Master Sword 7000G
Master Lance 6400G
Master Axe 4500G
Master Bow 4800G

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