Beginning of Battle Edit

Intro Cutscene Edit

  • "You wanna know if I'm ready for this? I wanna know if you are!"

Start of battle lines

  • ”If I’m being honest... I don’t have a good feeling about this.”

Switching to Character Edit

  • "Allow me."

Ally Assist Edit

  • ""

Help Edit

  • "I can't take much more... Can anyone come help?"

Critical Lines Edit

Alone Edit

  • ""

Dual Strike (neutral) Edit

As Vanguard

  • ""

As Support

  • ""

Dual Strike (special) Edit

With Sakura Edit

With Sakura as Vanguard

  • Oboro: "Will you help, Lady Sakura?"
  • Sakura: "Of course, Oboro!"

With Sakura as Support

  • Sakura: "Oboro, where are you?"
  • Oboro: "I'm here, Lady Sakura!"
With Lucina Edit

With Lucina as Support

  • Lucina: "After this, I'll show you my stylish clothes!"
  • Oboro: "Heh heh... If you insist..."

With Lucina as Vanguard

  • Oboro: "Ready to strike, Princess Lucina?"
  • Lucina: "Show me the strength of a tailor's daughter!"
With Lissa Edit

With Lissa as Vanguard

  • Oboro: "Will you help me, Princess Lissa?"
  • Lissa: "Sure thing, Oboro!"

With Lissa as Support

  • Lissa: "Oboro, I need a hand!"
  • Oboro: "You got it, Princess Lissa!"
With Frederick Edit

With Frederick as Vanguard

  • ""

With Frederick as Support

  • Frederick: "Are you ready, Oboro?"
  • Oboro: "More than ready!"
With Celica Edit

With Celica as Support

  • Celica: "I'm with you all the way!"
  • Oboro: "We can win together!"

With Celica as Vanguard

  • Oboro: "Let's drop these fools, Lady Celica!"
  • Celica: "With your help, I have no doubt!"
With Niles Edit

With Niles as Support

  • Niles: "Shall we join together as one, Oboro?"
  • Oboro: "Think before you speak, Niles!"

With Niles as Vanguard

  • Oboro: "Work with me, Niles!"
  • Niles: "You're shameless. I love it!"
With Azura Edit

With Azura as Support

  • Azura: "Are you ready to wrap this up, Oboro?"
  • Oboro: "Always ready, Lady Azura!"

With Azura as Vanguard

  • Oboro: "Mind lending a hand, Lady Azura?"
  • Azura: "Not at all! Let's combine our strength!"
With Navarre Edit

With Navarre as Support

  • Navarre: ""
  • Oboro: ""

With Navarre as Vanguard

  • Oboro: "Looking sharp, Navarre!"
  • Navarre: "Unbelievable..."

During Battle Edit

Praise Edit

Praise Reply Lines Edit

  • "The secret is to wake up feeling like a winner."

Giving Praise Edit


  • "You're working pretty hard. See me later and I'll stitch up your clothes!"
  • "What natural talent. I'll try to keep up!"
To Corrin Edit
  • Oboro: "Way to go Corrin! Keep it up!"
  • Corrin: "I hope to see what you're capable of too, Oboro!"
To Sakura Edit
  • Oboro: "Well done, Lady Sakura! You've become so strong!"

Enemy encounter Lines

  • "You make me so angry, I'm coming apart at the seams!"

Facing/Defeating an Enemy Edit

Defeating an officer

  • "You oppose Lord Takumi, you die. Simple as that."
  • "Done already? You were a spineless one."
  • "Woo-hoo! Another win for me!"
  • "Everyone here is under my protection!"
  • "Enemy commander down!"

1000 Enemies Defeated

  • "It is my duty as a Hoshidan soldier to fight with style!"
  • "You tore my favorite battle-attire! UNFORGIVABLE!!"
  • "...Do you think Lord Takumi was watching?"

Defeating Hinoka

  • "I beat Lady Hinoka? I'll have to study the fight later."

Facing Takumi

  • Takumi: "I can't take it easy on you, Oboro. Good luck."
  • Oboro: "And don't you think I'll hold back just because you're my liege."

Defeating Sakura

  • " You’ve grown very strong, Lady Sakura. You had me scared for a moment."

Defeating Lyn

  • "You're a strong one, Lyn. I'm surprised I won."

Death Lines Edit

Ally Oboro

  • "I'm sorry, Lord Takumi... I must retreat."

Enemy Oboro

  • "My clothes will be stained red if I stay here any longer. Time to retreat!"

Base in Danger Edit

  • "Hey, hey! Our base is in danger!"

Game Over Lines

  • ”Did we really just lose?”

Stage Clear Line Edit

  • "We won! Yeah!"

After Battle Edit

Victory Cutscene Edit

  • "Oh no. Did I really get it dirty already?"

MVP Line Edit

  • "Is it OK to surpass my liege to become number one?"

Level Up Edit

  • "Father...Mother... I will avenge you!"
  • "Soon I'll be able to stop them for good."
  • "One step at a time!"

Support Increased Edit

  • "I'll be relying on you more often, now!"

Class Change Edit

  • "I'll never stop learning new things!"

As Narrator Voice Edit


  • "I hate dark nights... They give me dark thoughts, and then I make that face."
  • "I'll defeat anyone who even thinks about hurting my dear Lord Takumi!"

Call Outs/Greetings

  • (morning) "Good morning! Your outfit is looking pretty sharp today!"
  • (noon) "Noon already, huh? I'd love an omelet for lunch!"
  • (night) "It's been a long day. Why don't you set up tomorrow's clothes and hit the sack?"
  • (late night) "*yawn* Why are you up so late? ... There can be no good reason for this."
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