Ohma is a small, country village in Crimea. Ohma's citizens survive by farming the vast, fertile soil of the Crimean countryside. The central village itself is surrounded by a small, but protective stone wall that encompasses most of the villages. Notable denizens of Ohma include Nephenee, Brom, and Meg.

Three years after Crimea's liberation, Ohma was one of the small country towns that helped to foster the rebellion that was brewing under Queen Elincia's inexperienced rule under the orders of the person who convinced them: Yeardley. This incident angered Brom and Nephenee who listened to Yeardley's conversation when he convinced the young men to rebel against the queen; both took up their weapons and defended themselves against the young rebels, killing none except Yeardley. When the duo managed to defeat Yeardley, they taught all the wounded rebels an important lesson about the war, and Brom and Nephenee went to the castle of Elincia to tell her about the rebellion and the one who organized all of it: Ludveck.

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