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“Manuela and Hanneman have predictably opposite reactions to a disturbing rumor going around the monastery.”
—Opening Narration

Oil and Water is Manuela and Hanneman's Paralogue Chapter in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This chapter takes place at Mountains in Empire territory, and is available on all routes during White Clouds after Chapter 7.


While Manuela complains to Byleth about the way that the rain makes her wound inflicted by the Death Knight ache, Hanneman approaches and bickers with her. He mentions that he's going to report rumored sightings of the Death Knight to Seteth, but Manuela, eager for revenge, is set on searching for him as soon as possible.

On arrival in the Sealed Forest, where the Death Knight was supposedly seen, Manuela and the others instead find they're up against a gang of bandits called the Death God Gang.

Initial Enemies

  • 3 Brawlers
  • 4 Mages
  • 1 Sniper
  • 3 Archers
  • 2 Swordmaster
  • 2 Pegasus Knights
  • 3 Brigants
  • 2 Armored Knights
  • 1 Mercenary
  • 1 Warrior (Boss)


  • Experience Gem (dropped from the Archer close to Manuela)
  • Rapier (dropper from the Sniper)



Enemy escape routes.

Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

There's two ways to take this map, but one is a lot less rewarding than the other. The "normal" way to take this map is to go save Manuela, which will mean moving your main team east then north. Manuela should be able to hold her own against the initial charging Brigand just fine if she stays still, but eventually some pegasus knights will aggro and descend upon her. Especially on Maddening, she is not going to survive combat with them. So you need a plan.

On Normal and perhaps Hard, Manuela might be able to fight her way out of the outcrop then south, especially if you wait a bit on this Paralogue and are actively building Manuela. This is a bit optimistic on Maddening, though perhaps doable with Axebreaker and some lucky dodges. You can also train Manuela to qualify for Pegasus Knight and just have her fly her way out of trouble - definitely not worth doing just for this one map, but if you plan on building Manuela anyway and want Darting Blow, then that can help. If you're not building Manuela, there are a number of ways your team can help out. Options include:

  • Bring along a Faith user who learns Rescue early - Flayn is a good example. With the constricted range Rescue has at low magic scores, this mage will have to hustle to get over to Manuela in time - have them move aggressively toward her, and use skills like Reposition, Stride, and Dance if need be while clearing the way of enemy units.
  • Use a flyer who knows Reposition - that can flip Manuela off the ledge. Be warned that the Pegasus Knights AI has them favor Manuela, so she isn't fully safe yet and may have to run some distance. Also, you'll need to clear the units waiting beneath the ledge first, of course.
  • (Golden Deer and NG+ only) - Use a flyer with the Alliance Wyvern Company battalion which comes with the Impregnable Wall gambit. The flyer will be safe, don't worry; the Pegasus Knights will favor attacking Manuela, even when their attacks deal a measly 2 damage total.
  • Use just a lot of flyers, fly them over to Manuela's location, then intercept the Pegasus Knights before they can attack. Curved Shot Silver Bows on your flyers can help OHKO them (you can get a Silver Bow early either from Shamir's trading quest at the monastery, or forging a Steel Bow). The enemy archer near Manuela won't actually move, so as long as you keep his threat range up, that won't stop a flying strategy as much as you might think.

Finally, if you bring someone who learns Physic early such as Marianne, Mercedes, Linhardt, or Hapi, they can help keep Manuela's HP afloat vs. the initial brigand, as well as keep any flyers you've sent ahead healed up.

There is another way to handle the map if you truly can't save Manuela: immediately charge north and kill the Commander before Manuela gets Pegasus Knights descending on her. This is probably harder, and also makes picking up the Experience Gem on the archer before the map ends tricky, but it doesn't require the specific tools saving Manuela does - just roll up with your best offensive units, and perhaps a Stride Gambit activation for the final turn.

Note that the Sniper with the Rapier runs when you go sufficiently far north on the map. If you were saving Manuela on the east side of the map, just keep rolling northward so you can cut off his escape before he runs off with a valuable weapon.