Before Battle Edit

Reception Hall | Daytime

  • Manuela: It's raining, Professor. On rainy days, the wound I got from the Death Knight hurts like fire. Every time it aches, I get angry. You understand, yeah? I'm sure they had their reasons to kidnap Flayn, but still... Did they really need to stab me? What'd I have to do with it?! They ruined my beautiful, porcelain skin. Worse, they took off before I could stab them back. So rude.

(Hanneman enters)

  • Hanneman: That's rather enough, Manuela. Cease your moaning and give the professor a break.
  • Manuela: Oh, stuff it, Hanneman. Unlike you, the professor has a big heart and listens to me talk about any problem I have.
  • Hanneman: More likely, your incessant ramblings offer no chance to interrupt.
  • Manuela: Is that true, Professor?
  • Byleth:
    • (option 1) Manuela isn't bothering me. (Relationship with Manuela up)
    • (option 2) Professor Hanneman is right. (Relationship with Hanneman up)
  • Manuela:
    • (option 1) I knew it. You listen to me because you care about me, don't you?
  • Hanneman:
    • (option 2) You heard that, didn't you, Manuela? You are bothering the professor.
  • Manuela: Go away, Hanneman! Leave us alone. And stop making me shout! it causes the old wound to hurt again.
  • Hanneman: Then perhaps you'd best stay quiet. Keep your emotions in check, I'd say.
  • Byleth:
    • (option 1) Let's stop this now.
    • (option 2) Let's all get along.
  • Manuela: Don't worry, Professor. We do this all the time.
  • Hanneman: Indeed, Manuela and I do not mix well. Been true for years. That said, if it were up to me, I would prefer speaking to her in a calmer manner.
  • Manuela: It's not like I enjoy bickering with you. So maybe keep your mouth shut more often.
  • Hanneman: I state that which needs to be heard! For example--
  • Byleth:
    • (option 1) Let's stop this now.
    • (option 2) Let's all get along.
  • Manuela: I'm sorry. I couldn't help it...
  • Hanneman: Same, same. Apologies. I am here because I have new information on the Death Knight's hiding place.
  • Manuela: What? Really?! You could have started with that.
  • Hanneman: Several students have reported possible sightings on the western edge of the Sealed Forest. While the authenticity of these reports has yet to be verified, it is still a very real possibility. I was thinking I would report this to Seteth as a precaution.
  • Manuela: What? Why? We can't be slow! He's going to get away!
  • Hanneman: Protocol on this matter requires reporting to Seteth, then Lady Rhea, then...
  • Manuela: Professor, let's leave this old geezer behind and get going!
  • Hanneman: Old geezer? I am barely 15 years your senior! I will not hear such--
  • Manuela: Stop talking! Let's gather a team and get going!
  • Byleth:
    • (option 1) I agree. (Begin Paralogue battle)
    • (option 2) Not yet... (Return to previous screen)

(Option 1)

  • Manuela: I'll go scout ahead. I'm coming for you, Death Knight!
  • Hanneman: Manuela, wait! It would not do to get yourself killed without someone to avenge you!

(Option 2)

  • Manuela: Well, I'm going ahead anyway. You can't stop me.
  • Hanneman: Manuela, take a moment. You must prepare before heading out! Professor, please let me know as soon as you can if you could join us.

Battle Edit

Introduction Edit

  • Hanneman: Manuela's in a tough spot, Professor. Even if she's only got herself to blame, we cannot abandon her.
  • Bandit Leader: Heh... We have plenty of visitors today. Let's stop their annoying rescue attempt!

Beginning of first round Edit

  • Bandit: Now that is a woman...
  • Manuela: Uh-oh. They've noticed me. Here they come!

Mid-Battle Edit

  • Thief: Just when I decide to disguise myself as a mountain bandit and sneak in, we get attacked. Just my luck!

When the boss is attacked Edit

  • Bandit Leader: We are the Death God Gang! We're all unstoppable!

If Manuela attacks the boss Edit

  • Manuela: Hey! You're not the Death Knight! What gives?
  • Bandit Leader: Death Knight? What nonsense are you talking now? Do we look like knights to you, lady?
  • Manuela: You're just lousy hill bandits. Well, I'll teach you to waste my time!

If Hanneman attacks the boss Edit

  • Hanneman: Why, there is no Death Knight here. That student's testimony was, well, it was utter bunk!
  • Bandit Leader: Hey, you! The weird old dude with the beard! What kinda crap are you mumbling to yourself there?
  • Hanneman: I beg your pardon?! Do not image you can insult me without some form of retribution!

After defeating the boss Edit

  • Hanneman: Manuela, are you uninjured?
  • Manuela: A few scrapes and bruises. But, yes, I'm well enough.

After Battle Edit

  • Manuela: How could anyone think that was the Death Knight? It was obviously just an ordinary bandit. Oh well, I may not have found my revenge, but at least we got to retrieve stolen goods.
  • Hanneman: Manuela! You unthinking fool!
  • Manuela: Hanneman, I've heard enough already.
  • Hanneman: How bloody stupid are you?! If that were the real Death Knight, you'd have new--likely fatal--wounds to match your first! Do you know how much you worried all of us? You should be ashamed!
  • Manuela: Oh no...
  • Byleth:
    • (option 1) Relax. She's OK.
    • (option 2) Hanneman's right.
  • Hanneman:
    • (option 1) This is a matter of life and death! It should not and must not be taken lightly!
    • (option 2) Exactly! You are supposed to set an example for our students. Yet you let emotion get the better of you?
  • Manuela: You're right... So there, I said that. It's true, but, ugh. I'm sorry. I'll apologize to everyone later.
  • Hanneman: I should say I'm sorry as well. I lost my temper just now. I see you act so irrationally, and I lose my wits. I care about you a great deal, and wish to see you safe. Will you believe me?
  • Manuela: Yes, of course. I'm the same way, after all. I let my emotions get the best of me. We're both too old to be shouting all the time.
  • Byleth: So, everyone is friends again?
  • Manuela: You're awfully quick to but a bow on this. Are you sick of us already, Professor?
  • Hanneman: You're part of this, Professor. We are the only teachers this academy has. No need for bickering!
  • Manuela: Well said, Hanneman. Would you care to join me for a celebratory drink?
  • Hanneman: That sounds lovely. Perhaps a nice cup of tea is in order.

(Manuela and Hanneman leave together)

  • Byleth: ...
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