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The Olivi Grass (オリウイ草 Oriui kusa) is an item that is first introduced in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It is an item that is built specifically for Laguz units, increasing their Transformation gauge by half their maximum capacity when used.

The Olivi Grass can be used a total of eight times, essentially equating to a total of 120 transformation points. This has the potential to fill four transformation gauges. This item is one of only two items that add transformation points to a Laguz's transformation gauge, the other item being the Laguz Stone.

Item Information

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
FE10olivigrass.png Olivi Grass 8 1,600 Increases the Transformation gauge of Laguz units by 15 points.

Item Locations

Method Location
Dropped Part 3: Enemy Cat (Ch. 6) • Enemy Cat (Ch. 13)
Bargains Part 1: Ch. 8
Part 3: Ch. 4 (x2) • Ch. 7 (x2) • Ch. 8Ch. 10 (x6) • Ch. 11 (x3) • Endgame (x5)
Part 4: Prologue (x3) • Ch. 1 (x3) • Ch. 2 (x3) • Ch. 3 (x3) • Ch. 4 (x2) • Ch. 5 (x2)
Treasure Part 1: Ch. 9 - Hidden in the corresponding map.
Part 2: Endgame - Hidden in the corresponding map. (x2)
Part 3: Ch. 5 - Hidden in the corresponding map.
Part 4: Ch. 5 - Hidden in the corresponding map. (x2)


Interestingly enough, in Chapter 1-3, Kurthnaga gives Micaiah an "infusion of Olivi Grass" to heal a cut on her arm. Considering that it affects the transformation gauge and not HP, it is baffling that it would successfully heal her, although Kurthnaga claims that it is very effective and Micaiah appears at full health in the following battle.