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Intro Cutscene

  • "Oh no... I'm not much of a fighter... They're staring... I'll do what i can."

Switching to Character

  • "I'll do my best."

Ally Assist

  • "One from me!"
  • (getting healed, neutral) "You came! With you here, we should be able to get out of this mess!"
  • (getting healed, neutral) "Thank you so much for keeping me safe."

Critical Lines


  • "Alright, let's dance!"

Dual Strike (neutral)

As Vanguard

  • "Right, I'll try my best."
  • "Let's keep them on their toes!" (A-support)

As Support

  • "Um, mind if I cut in?"
  • "Let's sweep them off their feet!" (A-support)

Dual Strike (special)

With Hinoka

With Hinoka as Vanguard

  • Olivia: "May I ask for your help, Lady Hinoka?"
  • Hinoka: "Let's make their heads spin."

With Hinoka as Support

  • Hinoka: "Olivia, will you help me?"
  • Olivia: "Of course, Lady Hinoka."
With Sakura

With Sakura as Vanguard

  • Olivia: "How do we handle this, Lady Sakura?"
  • Sakura: "W-we'll just have to take care of it!"

With Sakura as Support

  • Sakura: "Olivia, let's strike together!"
  • Olivia: "I'll follow your lead!"
With Camilla

With Camilla as Vanguard

  • Olivia: "May I borrow your strength, Lady Camilla?"
  • Camilla: "Anytime, dear. Just ask!"

With Camilla as Support

  • Camilla: "Are you ready to punish them, Olivia?"
  • Olivia: "Yes, Lady Camilla."
With Robin

With Robin as Vanguard

  • Olivia: "Oh Robin, what should we do?"
  • Robin: "We'll be alright if we work together, Olivia."

With Robin as Support

  • Robin: "Show me what you've got, Olivia."
  • Olivia: "This is so embarrassing!"
With Azura

With Azura as Vanguard

  • Olivia: "Ah! I have to do something!"
  • Azura: "Don't worry, Olivia. Just leave it to me."

With Azura as Support

  • Azura: "Mind if I cut in, Olivia?"
  • Olivia: "Azura! Of course!"
With Niles

With Niles as Vanguard

  • Olivia: "Um, Niles, w-would you...?"
  • Niles: "Out with it, girl. You wish to strike as one?"

With Niles as Support

  • Niles: "Always ready to put on a show, right?"
  • Olivia: "Um, I think so, Niles."
With Linde

With Linde as Vanguard

  • Olivia: "Are you ready to go, Linde?"
  • Linde: "As I'll ever be, Olivia."

With Linde as Support

  • Linde: "Olivia, strike after me."
  • Olivia: "I'll give it a spin, Linde."
With Owain

With Owain as Vanguard

  • Olivia: "Let's do our best, OK Owain?"
  • Owain: "Leave it to the Dark Swordsman!"

With Owain as Support

  • Owain: "The time is now, Olivia!"
  • Olivia: "R-right! Got it, Owain!"
With Tharja

With Tharja as Vanguard

  • ""

With Tharja as Support

  • Tharja: "Ready, Olivia?"
  • Olivia: "I'll try my best, Tharja!"

During Battle



  • "Here I come."

Before Final Strike

  • "What's with that look?

Final Strike

  • "Stop staring!"

Praise Lines

  • "Wow...Just watching you makes me more confident!"
  • "Whoa... Uh, sorry! I was mesmerized by your movement!"

To Linde

  • Olivia: "Your presence alone gives everyone such courage, Linde! It's amazing!"
  • Linde: "You're amazing yourself, Olivia. Now let's dazzle our foes together!"

To Owain

  • Olivia: "Your body flows so wonderfully, Owain! All your movements are so cool!"
  • Owain: "You were watching me, Olivia?! Sounds like you've seen my special techniques . . ."

From Camilla

  • Camilla: "How wonderful, Olivia. Your dance is both potent and lovely..."
  • Olivia: "I...I don't know how to respond to a compliment from you, Lady Camilla!"

From Azura

  • Azura: "Such grace! If you keep it up, I won't be able to focus on the battle, Olivia!"
  • Olivia: "I may have trouble keeping my rhythm knowing you're watching, Azura!"

When healed by Linde

  • "You saved me, Linde! Now it's time to turn things around!"

Facing/Defeating an Enemy

  • "That was risky... Good thing I Won!"
  • "Phew... I'm glad that worked out."
  • "P-please... stand back!"

Defeating Chrom

  • "Facing you is an honor in itself, Chrom--but to think I'd actually beat you..."

Facing Robin

  • Robin: "So we must fight, Olivia... I don't relish the idea--but we have no choice!"
  • Olivia: "If there's no way around it, then I'll come at you with everything I've got, Robin!"

Defeating Robin

  • "I hope you didn't go easy on me, Robin..."

Facing Camilla

  • Camilla: "It looks like I have to teach you a lesson, Olivia...Let's both try to enjoy ourselves."
  • Olivia: "You're formidable, Lady Camilla...I'll fight with everything I've got."

Defeating Minerva

  • "Thank you for allowing me the honor of facing you, Princess Minerva..."

Defeating Linde

  • "Fighting you taught me a lot, Linde..."

Defeating Tharja

  • "Your curses are terrifying, Tharja... I'm glad it's over."

Killed by Enemy

  • "I'm... sorry..."

Death Lines

  • "I...I'll have to end my performance early..."

After Battle

Victory Cutscene

  • "Don't look, don't look, don't loooook!"


  • "I guess all the practice I did really put today's dance over the top!"

Level Up

  • "I...I did it! I'm getting stronger!"
  • "It's almost embarrassing to have gotten this good...No one's staring, are they?"
  • "M-maybe I can be useful now! ...Uh, more useful!"

Support Increased Line

  • "Um, if it's OK...let's be closer friends...Sound good?"

Class Change

  • "Don't stare--I'll get embarrassed!"