“You won't pass any further!”
—Oltof's battle quote

Oltof (Oltoph in fan translation) is a a boss character in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776; he is an officer of Kempf. As Leif's forces charge through Freege, Kempf orders Oltof to try the a Murder Hollace strategy. Oltof was getting worried on what it might do to him, but Kempf sends him out anyway. In the end, Oltof will either die in the carnage or he will head back to report to his superiors, leaving his men, and never to be seen again.


Starting Class
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Bld Mov LS MS PC
8 30 4 7 7 6 5 7 7 5 1 0 0
Skills Weapon Starting Items


FE5 Fire Icon Fire - A
FE5 Thunder Icon Thunder - A
FE5 Wind Icon Wind - B
FE5 Staff Icon Staff - C

FE5doorkeyDoor Key

Overview Edit

Oltof has poor stats and is actually powerless up close, but has deadly siege magic that can catch the player off guard. It might serve players well to do a few practice runs of the chapter before seriously challenging it, just to get a feel for Oltof's attacking range.

Whatever the case, Oltof stands a decent chance of landing critical blows on units with low Luck stats. A critical hit from either of his tomes will typically spell disaster. Lifis, who will likely be attending this chapter to help scout out the map, is particularly vulnerable to such a catastrophe. As an added precaution, the player should recall that Crusader Scrolls protect units from critical hits, and equip low-luck units appropriately.

If the player has no intention of clearing the chapter quickly, he or she can use Leif to absorb hits from Oltof's siege magic, as this will help keep other units from building up fatigue.