Oni Chieftain (修羅 Shura in the Japanese version) is a new class introduced in Fire Emblem Fates, and the promotion of Oni Savages. They use Clubs and Scrolls.


Oni Chieftains are the axe equivalent of the Basara, although their physical skills are much higher compared to Basara, which is more balanced.

The skills Oni Chieftains learn are Death Blow and Counter. Death Blow is learned by Oni Chieftains at level 5 (or higher). This skill increases the critical hit rate by 20% when the user launches the first attack. Combined with high critical hit-rate weapons like the Great Club, this ensures that the user will deal massive damage, due to the 4x multiplier of high critical weapons and the high strength of the Chieftain. Counter is learned by Oni Chieftains at level 15 (or higher), and can be used well against a melee-oriented army as they are either forced to use throwing weapons (which reduce their speed and prevents doubling) or risk getting hit for high damage.

Because Oni Chieftains are capable of using magic in addition to their axes, they can defend themselves better as they do not have to suffer the penalties of throwing weapons when fighting ranged users.

The Oni Cheiftain's major flaw, however, is their very poor Skill rating, possibly the lowest out of any Hoshidan classes. Even with their decent strength and defenses, their poor skill will make their fighting somewhat frustrating, but shouldn't be a problem if having skills that increases Hit Rate.

Base Stats


Maximum Stats


Known Oni Chieftain

  • Kumagera - A merciful Hoshidan general tasked with assassinating King Garon; can be captured
  • Possible promotion for: Rinkah


Shura (修羅) literally means a "scene of carnage"


  • The generic enemy portrait resembles a legendary Oni from Heian Period, Shuten Doji (酒呑童子).

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