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Only You is Barry Goodman's first side story in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


At the Uzume Lesson Studio, Barry is panicing because a limited-edition Mamorin figure has been released, but Tsubasa won't let him leave to get it until after practice. As such, Itsuki offers to go get it in his place. When he gets to the Hee Ho Mart, however, he discovers that they are sold out. Fortunately, the salesclerk is willing to tell him details about the person who bought the last one.

It turns Maiko had gone and bought it, but she informs Itsuki that it was for Mamori, who had requested her to buy it. Upon learning this, Barry can't bring himself to ask her for it. However, Mamori arrives at the studio and gives one to Itsuki and Barry each, as thanks for their kindness. This leaves Barry ecstatic, though he forgets about Tsubasa's lesson.

Completing this side story unlocks Barry's Backup Skill 3D Heaven, which increases money earned through Session Attacks.