Only the Bold is a quest given by Caspar in Fire Emblem Three Houses. It is an optional side quest that allows Byleth access to Tournaments.

Quest Details Edit

Tournaments start this week! Don't miss out!

Requirements Edit

"Fighting tournaments are held in the monastery to test what the students learned in their daily training. Speak to the tournament organizer at the training grounds to learn more."

Quest-Giver Dialogue Edit

"Do you know about the fighting tournaments here at the monastery? I hear anyone can get involved! Oh, I know! You and I should sign up, Professor!."

Quest Completion DialogueEdit

"You know how fighting tournaments work, right? One-on-One fights, one after another. Each month there are different tournaments. I can't wait!."

Location Edit

Given to you by Caspar located north of the Knights' Hall

Rewards Edit

  • The ability to have students battle in Tournaments.
  • Steel Axe x1
  • Poultry x3
  • Wild Game x3
  • 300 Renown

Strategy Edit

Secret Book (Artwork)
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Find Caspar north of the Knights' Hall and talk to him to start the quest. Then, head to the tournament organizer in the Training Grounds. Speak to him then select a unit to participate. Win the tournament to complete the quest.

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