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Cyrkensia's Opera House.

The Opera House is the Nestrian location of Birthright's Chapter 12 and Chapter 14 of Conquest's.


Situated in the Nestrian city of Cyrkensia lie a grand opera house. It features a large, grand stage surrounded by a pool of water and boats. Layla is the Opera House's leading act as their famous songstress. The Opera House brings people from all across Nohr, including King Garon, who is known to watch performances very often.

The Opera House also appears as a selected map for online battle matches.


The Hoshidan army encounters Kaden who is busy trying to repay a debt to Layla. Layla wants to visit her sick grandmother, but does not want to leave the Opera House that night, as King Garon had come for a performance. Azura gets the idea to have Zola use his transformation magic to make her look like Layla and hopefully use the opportunity to take out Garon. In the Opera House, Azura performs her Lost in Thoughts All Alone song with an accompanying dance, causing great discomfort in Garon. However, Garon reveals that he knows that the Hoshidan army was in the Opera House and calls upon his army as well as Xander and his retainers to take out the Hoshidan army. Zola betrays the Hoshidan army, claiming to still be on Garon's side, but when he asks Garon to spare Corrin, Garon immediately executes him. Outnumbered, the Hoshidan army flees the Opera House and proceeds to head to Cheve.


Corrin heads for Cyrkensia to meet up with Garon after stopping the rebellion at Cheve. When they arrive, Garon applauds Corrin's ruthlessness in killing the rebels, as Hans had put it, much to their surprise and horror. While watching the show, a mysterious songstress causes Garon tremendous amounts of pain, and Iago attempts to apprehend the songstress with his guards but fails. The songstress quickly leaves, and Hoshidan assassins led by Kumagera enter, immediately making the Nohrians believe that the songstress was the work of the Hoshidans.

After the battle, Garon recovers and orders all of the songstresses in Cyrkensia killed, since the songstress responsible for harming him was nowhere to be found.


When Corrin and his group arrive at Cyrkensia, they find the place and the Opera House in ruins and destruction due to Valla's invisible forces. The incident causes the Hoshidan and Nohrian forces to fight, each believing the other responsible for the destruction.