The Opera of Light: Fire Emblem, commonly called the Opera of Light, is a ritual in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. The ritual is meant to summon the Divine Dragon Naga. It is the counter to the Opera of Shadows; a dark ritual performed to resurrect the Shadow Dragon Medeus. As the name suggests, the Opera of Light is the Fire Emblem of Tokyo Mirage Sessions. The melody is also a remix of the main theme of the Fire Emblem series.

Overview Edit

The opera requires performers that have passed trials and gained the support of Mirages that represent the roles vital to its completion, including those that represent knights, mages, swordsmen, archers, pegasus knights, and cavaliers. The Lord role must receive the blessing of the Hero-King Marth for the opera to succeed. Itsuki, with the spirit of Marth giving him strength, sings the opera with his friends, as they ascend on platforms of light that take them to face Medeus. Upon arriving on the stage for the final battle, and with the opera complete, Tiki transforms into her Divine Dragon form to assist the others.

Lyrics Edit

Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
Ah, can hear the song
Echoing across the world, as it calls to heroes
Vowing for eternity to bless your path,
Banish your woes
Though the wheel of fate may turn
Good and evil, black and white
Seize your destiny and look ahead
Time to awaken...
And raise your face to the light!
Fire Emblem,
For the sake of the world you love
Transcending time, champions will forever rise
Fire Emblem, (I vow)
For the sake of the one you love (For all eternity)
You need no purpose but the bonds before your eyes
Now shall we arise...

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