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Orbs are an item and gacha currency in Fire Emblem Heroes.


Orbs are the primary source of player income in game. Its main usage is for Kiran to summon heroes from other worlds with their power. Orbs can be spent on rolls to draw random Fire Emblem heroes and add them to the player's roster. Orbs can also be spent to increase the castle level, which in turn increases the amount of experience gained after a unit wins a battle. If the player loses a battle and the player lacks a Light's Blessing, an orb may be spent to serve the same function as a Light's Blessing.

Orbs can be earned in a multitude of ways. Players can earn an Orb by clearing a map for the first time (3 for a Xenologue), ranking in the Arena, clearing a Quest with it as a reward, reaching certain point totals for Tempest Trials, as an occasional reward for retweet goals, through occasional daily log-in bonus, or purchasing with real money.

Summoning Heroes


Orbs have four types of color which determine the types of heroes summoned:

Orb red.png (Red) FEH Sword.png Sword FEH Fire Tome.png Red Magic FEH Red Bow Icon.png Bow FEH Red Dagger Icon.png Dagger FEH Fire Breath.png Breath FEH Red Beast.png Beast
Orb blue.png (Blue) FEH Lance.png Lance FEH Thunder Tome.png Blue Magic FEH Blue Bow Icon.png Bow FEH Blue Dagger Icon.png Dagger FEH Thunder Breath.png Breath FEH Blue Beast.png Beast
Orb green.png (Green) FEH Axe.png Axe FEH Wind Tome.png Green Magic FEH Green Bow Icon.png Bow FEH Green Dagger Icon.png Dagger FEH Wind Breath.png Breath FEH Green Beast.png Beast
Orb grey.png (Colorless) FEH Staff.png Staff FEH Colorless Tome.png Colorless Magic FEH Bow.png Bow FEH Dagger.png Dagger FEH Colorless Breath.png Breath FEH Colorless Beast.png Beast


In a summoning session, players are able to summon up to five heroes. The costs of orbs required during the session are:

  • Five for the first summon
  • Four for the second to fourth summons
  • Three for the last summon

Obtaining Orbs


Orbs Method
15 Start the game for the first time.
10 Link with My Nintendo account and claim the one-time gift.
3 Clear Prologue.
263 Clear Story Mode (all difficulties).
Total: 291


Orbs Price (USD) Orb to 1 USD Ratio
3 $1.99 1.508 Orbs
10 $5.99 1.669 Orbs
23 $12.99 1.771 Orbs
35 $19.99 1.750 Orbs
48 $26.99 1.778 Orbs
75 $39.99 1.875 Orbs
140 $74.99 1.867 Orbs