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Ordelia, located in the southern Leicester Alliance and near the border with the Adrestian Empire, is the domain of House Ordelia.


The County of Ordelia is separated from the Viscounty of Hrym in the Adrestian Empire by the Airmid River.

In Imperial Year 1167, House Hrym attempted to defect from the Empire to the Alliance out of opposition to Emperor Ionius IX's policy of power centralization. House Ordelia provided aid to Hrym, but the Imperial army ultimately prevailed and quashed the rebellion. In retaliation for assisting House Hrym despite not being politically involved, the Empire began interfering in House Ordelia's internal affairs, gaining temporary power over it while the Alliance turned a blind eye. At only two years of age, Lysithea, the first daughter and heir of House Ordelia, was caught up in the tumult.

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To bring House Ordelia to heel, the Empire killed key members of the family and replaced them with Imperial officials. Some of those officials were mages of Those Who Slither in the Dark, who then imprisoned the children of the Ordelia family and began conducting Crest experiments on them. With the Empire monitoring their actions, Lysithea's parents were powerless to stop them and could only watch in horror as their children perished one by one. Lysithea alone survived the experiments and gained two Crests: a Minor Crest of Charon and a Major Crest of Gloucester. The mages were pleased at their success, but because the procedure of implanting two Crests had dramatically shortened Lysithea's lifespan, they lost interest and departed. House Ordelia subsequently regained its liberty, but the years of oppression had taken their toll; governing their territory became difficult, and their noble standing within the Alliance declined.

Due to her truncated life and the suffering her family had endured, Lysithea resolved to bring its affairs to an end. After ensuring that her parents could live comfortably and in peace, she planned to eschew having children and dissolve House Ordelia.

At some point during the Adrestian interference, the Ordelias found out that a fugitive young man from Leicester had gone into their territory. They were unable to offer him sanctuary but couldn't bring themselves to simply abandon him to his luck, so they fed the guy and distracted his pursuers enough for him to escape into Adrestia. The man was Balthus, firstborn son and once heir to the Albrecht clan: years later he gets to interact with an older Lysithea, and he tells her that he has never forgotten her parents' kindness and intends to repay it someday.
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Known people from Ordelia


Ordelia comes from the name Cordelia, which is a feminine given name, popularly associated with Latin cordis "heart". It was born by the tragic heroine of Shakespeare's King Lear.

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