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The Order of Heroes is a faction in Fire Emblem Heroes. The Order of Heroes consists of Heroes from other worlds, as well as people from the kingdom of Askr, its founding members.


The Askran royalty formed the Order of Heroes in order to prevent the Emblian empire from keeping control of the heroes of other worlds, with help from The Summoner Kiran, the order is able to expand their barracks by summoning heroes from other worlds to join their cause.

Known Members

These are the members that belong exclusively to the order, with all other people recruited being summoned from their original worlds.

  • Kiran - The Summoner and Tactician of the Order of Heroes summoned from another world.
  • Anna - Commander of the Order of Heroes and veteran fighter.
  • Alfonse - The kind and serious Prince of The Askr Kingdom.
  • Sharena - The cheerful Princess of The Askr Kingdom.
  • Zacharias/Bruno (former) - The manipulative yet loyal Prince of Embla who left the Order in order to find a cure to the Emblian curse. Rejoined temporarily after the army of Niðavellir attacked his homeland.
  • Feh - A Messenger Owl of the Order of Heroes.
  • Fehnix - Feh's boss.
  • Fjorm - Princess of The Nifl Kingdom who seeks revenge against Múspell.
  • Eir - Princess of Hel, The Realm of the Dead, who is worried about the ruler's increasing mercilessness towards the living.
  • Peony - A ljósálfar from Ljósálfheimr who delivers pleasant dreams.
  • Reginn - A dvergr and princess of Niðavellir who joined forces with Askr to stop her brother.
  • Ash - The retainer of the God Askr.

Summoned Members

Using orbs brought by Feh, Kiran is able to summon Heroes from other worlds to help in their cause. Due to the summoning process in Askr, they are placed into a binding contract with Kiran who commands them on the battlefield, the contracts prevent the heroes from attacking or causing conflict with each other or from leaving Askr. According to Alfonse, the process is limited to completing the task of the summoner and once their contracts end, they will return to their original world from the point in which they were summoned.

Due to the quantity of Heroes with similar positions and/or styles, some sub-groups have started to form within the Order. These include:


  • Currently, Kiran, Alfonse, Veronica, Letizia, Surtr, Loki, Hel, Líf and Thrasir have the ability to bind Heroes to contract, it is unknown how these contracts are made, but in Kiran's case, they seem to immediately manifest upon the Heroes' summoning with Breidablik.
    • Currently, the only living characters capable of binding Heroes are Kiran, Alfonse, Veronica, Loki and Letizia.
    • As there are Heroes fighting for Dökkálfheimr and Jötunheimr, it is assumed that they also have people who can bind them to contract, likely Freyja and the Queen of Jötunheimr.
    • While Eitri can summon Heroes with Grim Brokkr, she cannot bind them to contract as it is only a copy of Breidablik.
  • The contracts outside of Askr can be broken by defeating the Heroes in battle, showing that theirs is not as strong as Askran contracts, though the defeated Heroes still have the option to return to their own worlds or continue fighting for their former employer.
  • According to Veronica, the contracts can be used to control the Heroes bound to them if they go against them, such as when Ephraim refuses to obey Veronica and she threatens to force him to kill Eirika, but according to Anna, they cannot force Heroes such as Julius to obey them or hold back their power whenever they want.
    • The contracts also prevent Heroes from hurting or killing each other, found out by both versions of Fallen Morgan when the male version of Morgan casts a seemingly fatal spell at Fallen Edelgard and it did nothing and when Fallen Dimitri stabbed Edelgard multiple times with no impact.