The Order of Heroes (ヴァイス • ブレイヴ, Vaisu Bureivu lit. Weiss Braves in the Japanese version) are an order in Fire Emblem Heroes. The Order of Heroes consists of Heroes from other worlds, as well as people from the kingdom of Askr.


The Askran royalty formed the Order of Heroes in order to prevent the Emblian empire from keeping control of the heroes of other worlds.

Known Members

These are the members that belong exclusively to the order, with all other people recruited being summoned from their original worlds.

  • Summoner - The Summoner and Tactician of the Order of Heroes.
  • Anna - Commander of the Order of Heroes.
  • Alfonse - Prince of The Askr Kingdom.
  • Sharena - Princess of The Askr Kingdom.
  • Zacharias - A warrior who has disappeared.

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