“With new information, the group sets out for Notre Saggesse to meet the Rainbow Sage. However, along the way they encounter more Nohrian forces.”
—Opening Narration

Orders (暗夜軍襲来 Anya gun shūrai Nohr's Onslaught in Japanese Version) is Chapter 14 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Revelation Version.


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At the beginning of the chapter, you immediately are forced to use Elise, Effie, and Arthur. They will start at what is to be assumed to be a much lower level than the rest of your army, especially if some of your units have already advanced, so proper care must be taken with all of them, especially Elise, whose Defense stat is low enough to let her be killed in one hit by most of the advanced units on the map. Arthur and Effie also start with very average weapons, so trading them better ones may be wise if you wish to get better performance out of them.

Elise is required to recruit both Charlotte and Benny, who are found on opposite sides of the map. They will approach you if you get within either their area of attack or another units' area of attack, in which they will go to said units side to enter Attack Stance. Since Elise has 7 movement on her own, you should only need to clear out all the enemies who pose a threat and position Elise just outside of Charlotte and Benny's area of mobility/attack the turn before moving her in to recruit them. These two might also require some safety in using them, especially Charlotte due to her much lower defensive stats compared to Benny as well as some of your other units.

In the enemies' first turn, the Partition in the top-left is going to be broken immediately, allowing for the enemies in that area to begin entering the area all of your units start in.

By the time most of the enemy who was on the map from the start are cleared out, reinforcements should begin arriving. It will start out small; spawning Cavaliers and Mercenaries at first, but eventually going up to Paladins to replace the Cavaliers (though the person testing this only began to notice as they entered the high 20's to early 30's turn count).

The two Generals blocking the way to Silas will never move. Sporting 24 defense (on Hard, and 19 on Normal), this can allow for you to give a weaker unit (noticeably, any of the four you have just recruited) a ranged weapon that puts the wielder a point or two over 24 and effectively grind on these two Generals. The player can even let the unit do no damage but be in attack stance with someone who can do at least one damage to effectively extend the exp earned to other units, though the player will need to keep an eye out for reinforcements. These two Generals also deal a high amount of damage when attacking, so it's best to make sure Elise and other healers are nearby to keep any training units healthy the entire time. This does effectively give healers expendable EXP as well, but only so long as the player has the rods and staves available.

Because Silas' stats are barely any higher than those of the Cavaliers around the map, picking him off from a distance or having a Dagger user lower his stats before sending out one of the Beast units you obtained earlier will be enough to take him down.


  • This chapter uses the map from Chapter 10 of the Conquest route.
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