Ordwin (オードウィン, Ōdowin) is a background character from the Archanea Series of Fire Emblem. He was one of the major heroes in the first war against Medeus alongside Anri, Cartas, Iote, and Marlon. A military leader stationed near Grust, after the war he subdued the barbarians of Grust and turned the country into a kingdom.

His descendants are Ludwik, Yuliya, and Jubelo. Ludwik dies after the War of Shadows, and his children are studying outside of the country at the end of the War of Heroes.

Jubelo reveals that Grustian history books say that Ordwin was on good terms with the manaketes and founded the Sable Order of Knights.


Ordwin was known as Odin in the Japanese versions, the leading Norse god of war, death and wisdom.

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