Orun (オルン) is a background character mentioned in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.


At the beginning of the game, Orun is the marquess of Thria, a territory of the country of Lycia on the continent of Elibe. He is also the half-brother of Hector and Uther, the former of whom was the marquess of Ostia for roughly 20 years as of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade before his death early on in the game. However, the genealogy that makes them half brothers is left somewhat unclear in the storyline.

During The Binding Blade, Orun is assassinated by his trusted retainer, Wagner. Wagner did this shortly before Chapter 6.

Wagner had the Marquess assassinated so that he could capture Princess Guinivere who was passing through Thria to Ostia with Roy and his company. He planned to trick Roy into coming into Castle Thria and then kill Roy and his group, and capture the Princess. He would then have her given to Bern (who was invading Lycia) to gain the country's favor. The method in which Marquess Thria was assassinated is not made clear in the game.

After Wagner invited Roy and company into the castle, and they accepted, Roy was approached by the thief Cath while Wagner was in another room. She informed Roy of the conversation she had heard Wagner having with a soldier about how he planned to kill Roy and his group. When Roy asked Cath about Orun she said: "Oh, that guy's dead."

Roy and his group then tried to leave Castle Thria but were approached by Wagner as they were doing so. After hearing how they intended to leave unless they could see Orun, Wagner decided to just attack them with the Castle's forces, and a battle thus ensued. This battle ended in Wagner's death.


Orun was an extremely kind man judging from what is said of him in The Binding Blade. While he was still alive, he allowed Sue, who was escaping from Sacae, to stay at Castle Thria under his protection.

Roy also has commented on Orun's kindness when he acknowledged that Orun would definitely let his group stay at the Castle to rest before continuing to Ostia. Lord Orun was apparently very trusting, a trait which Wagner, one of his retainers, used to his own advantage.

Orun is not actually seen onscreen in The Binding Blade or even in the prequel Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, due to his early death in the first and his unimportance in the latter. However, He is talked about on a few occasions by characters, mainly around Chapter 6 of The Binding Blade.

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