Other Units are neutral units that commonly appear in the Fire Emblem series. Unlike the Enemy Units, these units side with the Player Units as allies, and fight the enemies if they are capable of combat. Despite their alignment, Other Units are NPCs and thus controlled by the AI. Other Units cannot be attacked by player units in any way, though most enemy units can and will attack them given the opportunity. A notable exception to this rule occurs in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, where several Other Units targeted player units instead, and were treated as enemies. Most helpless units (such as prisoners or civilians) are grouped as Other Units as well.

In Gaiden, if the player restarts a battle where Other Units were present, the units will not reappear. This is fixed in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Some Other Units can be recruited and turned into playable units if the right character talks to them and convinces them to join. Other Units are usually represented by the color green (the exceptions being Gaiden, where the Other units use the same blue color as the player units, and Genealogy of the Holy War, where they are yellow); their health bar will usually be green, a green circle surrounds them, or their sprites will be green-themed. Other Units move during the Other Phase, which occurs directly after the Enemy Phase and is the last Phase on the battlefield.

Unlike Ally and Player units, there is no way to give general orders or directions to Other Units. They can, however, be rescued or shoved by the player's characters, unless they are mounted units in the Tellius series. Otherwise, the player can heal them with staves to keep them alive.

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