The Over Warrior (渡り戦士 watari senshi, Ranger in the fan translation) is a class that appears exclusively in Berwick Saga. It is the personal class of Faramir.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Over Warrior is extremely similar to the Sword Fighter class. Indeed, its map and battle sprites are a palette swap of the male Sword Fighter. Unlike Sword Fighters, Over Warriors have Blade as a class skill. More importantly, they are capable of using Bows. This enables them to counterattack other bow users from a distance and attack flying enemies, which are impossible for Sword Fighters. Because of their ability to use Bows however, they cannot equip accessories.

Their sword is 60 and their bow cap is 50. Like the other classes, Over Warriors gain an additional critical point for each weapon point over 50 to a maximum of a 10% critical.

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