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Palace Macarath (マカラス宮殿, Marakasu Kyūden lit. Palace Maracas in the Japanese version) is one of Garon's personal villas in Fire Emblem Fates.


Located in Macarath, this palace served as one of Garon's many villas throughout Nohr.


Palace Macarath is first visited during Chapter 16, where the Hoshidans search for medicine to cure Takumi of a rare disease that he caught while fighting the Wolfskin at Mount Garou. When they arrive, they find it mysteriously empty as with most other places in Nohr when they encounter Flora. Corrin explains their situation to her and she tells them that the apothecary in the villa has the required herbs to cure Takumi's fever. However, Iago stops them, burning Flora with some fire tomes and sends his force against them. Iago's forces are quickly routed and Flora regains consciousness and shows the Hoshidans the way to the apothecary, allowing Sakura to make a concoction for Takumi.


Palace Macarath is first visited in Chapter 12, where Elise gets sick and needs medicine to cure her fever. Corrin goes inside, only to meet Ryoma, who refuses to give them the medicine unless they return to Hoshido. Corrin refuses and a fight ensues. With the aid of Xander's retainers, Peri and Laslow, Corrin manages claim the medicine for Elise.

A different section of the palace makes an appearance in Conquest compared to Birthright.

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