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The Partner Seal (Marriage Seal in the Japanese Version) is a Reclassing item introduced in Fire Emblem Fates.


Once a unit obtains an S-rank support with any character, they can use this seal to reclass into their spouse's primary base class.

There are numerous exceptions.

  1. If the spouse has a special base class such as the Songstress, Wolfskin, Kitsune, Villager or Nohr Prince classes, the user will have access to their spouse's secondary class.
  2. If the spouses share base class, their secondary classes are inherited instead.
  3. If the Avatar's secondary class is shared with the partner's base class, their spouse will receive that classes parallel class.

Partner Seal Class Scenarios

  • Scenario 1: - If Xander and Charlotte achieve an S-Support, Xander will gain the Fighter class while Charlotte will gain the Cavalier class.
  • Scenario 2: - If Hana and Ryoma achieve an S-Support, Hana will gain Ryoma's secondary class of Sky Knight while Ryoma gains the male equivalent of Hana's secondary class (Shrine Maiden) which is Monk.
  • Scenario 3: - If Selena and Subaki achieve an S-Support, Subaki will gain access to the Mercenary Class, while Selena will gain nothing, since her secondary class is the Sky Knight class.
  • Scenario 4: - If Azura and Keaton achieve an S-Support, Azura will gain access to the Fighter class instead of the Wolfskin class while Keaton will gain access to the Sky Knight class instead of the Songstress class.
  • Scenario 5: If Charlotte and Keaton achieve an S-Support, Charlotte will gain access to Wolfskin's parallel class of Outlaw, while Keaton will gain nothing, since his secondary class is the Fighter class.
  • Scenario 6: If the male Corrin with the secondary class of Oni Savage and Rinkah achieve an S-Support, the Avatar will still "gain access" to the Oni Savage class while Rinkah gains access to the Nohrian variant of the Oni Savage class, the Fighter class.