A pegasus from Tellius

“Ah, the pegasus, the proud, winged horse. You know, they only attach to someone they accept as their master. And did you know that pegasi fly by kicking the air, not by flapping their wings? It's a common misconception, but wings are mainly used for gliding.”
Lute to Vanessa

Pegasi are winged mounts in Fire Emblem games. They're very similar to their real world mythology, although they generally only accept females as riders; similar to the old myth of a unicorn almost always only accepting a pure-hearted maiden as its rider. They seem to live many years because Elincia's pegasus belonged to her great-grandmother and still looks young, it goes to battles and it can carry Elincia. In Fire Emblem: Awakening there are black pegasi which are ridden by the Dark Flier class.

In TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga, Pegasi are said to be the sacred beasts known only to inhabit the forests of Saria.

In Fire Emblem: Fates, a support between Luna and Subaki on the third path reveals the Pegasi shown in Hoshido are actually Tenma (天馬), a species of horse that are similar in appearance but have an easier time accepting male riders.


Pegasi seem to live in cold climate areas such as Ilia and Silesse.

Names of Pegasi

Pegasi-mounted Classes


  • When a Pegasus Knight promotes to a Falcon Knight, their pegasus seemingly grows a horn, becoming an Alicorn.
  • Male enemy units have been seen riding Pegasi in the third game.
  • Karin in Thracia 776 says pegasi allowing males to ride them is very rare; either indicating there are exceptions, or referring to the rescue mechanic. 


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