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Percival (ペルスヴェル Perusuveru) is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. Percival is a wandering mage in search for his sister. He tutors Enid in magic.



  • Guest: Appears on turn 6 of Frontline Town. Talk to him with Enid.
  • Mercenary: Appears in the guild after completing Frontline Town if he was recruited as a guest.
  • Permanent: After raising his happiness to 2 or higher, have Percival attack the enemy that captured Izerna in Heretic God. Both he and the enemy will leave the battlefield. He will then join permanently at the end of the map.

Base Stats[]

Starting Class
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Wind - 0
Thunder - 9

Growth rates[]

HP Str Mnd Agl Def Wind Thunder
25% 0% 12% 25% 3% 20% 60%


Promoted Class
+2 +0 +2 +1 +0

Support Relationships[]


Supported by


Percival is the second recruitable mage you get. Unlike Aegina, Percival is a Thunder specialist and not a Wind specialist. Because Thunder magic has a longer attack range than other magic types, this means Percival has a bit of flexibility in how he attacks enemies.

In comparison to Enid and Aegina, Percival has the least amount of specialized utility. However, he does have broader applications as a unit. He is useful for capturing enemies due to his access to Mercy and weapons such as Brenthunder and Lightning, the latter of which doubles his chance of instantly crippling an enemy. Because he has Bowbreaker, Percival is a bit more flexible in where he can move on maps with Ballisticians. Unlike Elbert or Kramer though, Percival is usually killed in one hit should Bowbreaker fail to activate, so placing him in range of a ballista should be a calculated risk. While he lacks a unique tome or Focus like Aegina and Enid, Percival can still have potent offense thanks to his access to Brenthunder and his innate Adept, though Percival's base agility of 4 prevents him from utilizing it until he gains a point in the stat.

Much like Aegina, Percival does not demand much in terms of investment, mainly wanting bands and food that boost his hit rate and magic. This means that even untrained, Percival can still pull his weight on various maps.

On ranked runs, Percival is a bit easier to get to promotion than Aegina. This is due to his promotion requiring him to reach 30 Thunder skill and not 30 Wind skill, and Thunder magic lacks the weapon experience penalty that most Wind magic has on a miss (since Thunder magic doesn't strike consecutively). This is also helped by Brenthunder, Adept, and his slightly higher Thunder skill than Aegina's Wind skill. It's not unusual for Percival to promote before Aegina even though he joins later. That said, promoting him does require some dedication on the player's part.

Though it's difficult to gauge his exact worth in comparison to Aegina and Enid, Percival can usually prove himself to be a useful unit.


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