Enemy PercyEdit

Paralogue 19Edit

“It's time to deliver some real justice!”
—Percy's pre-battle quote.

Vs. ArthurEdit

  • Percy: "Let's take 'em out, Ace! All of 'em! Pop's next to go!"
  • Arthur: "Listen up, Son! Your spree of mayhem is over!"
  • Percy: "Justice never loses! And I am on its side! Not you, Pop!"
  • Arthur: "Percy, if you insist on this, you leave me no choice but to fight back!"


—Enemy Percy's defeat quote.

My Castle Edit

“Can I get you something else? I love helping out like this”
—When exiting any shop he's running

Castle Grounds Edit

Alone Edit

  • "I'm feeling great today. I bet I could handle anything that comes my way!" (surge)
  • "Come on, Ace! My weapon is ready and the enemy is waiting!" (weapon proficiency improve)
  • "Aw, not ANOTHER thing... I bet it's gold or something else valuable, too..." (item found)
  • "Do you think I'd look even cooler with some kind of accessory?" (accessory gift ask)
    • "A present? Gee, it must be my lucky day! Thanks!" (accessory gift, loved)
    • "Thanks! Ace will love this!" (accessory gift, liked)
    • Gosh, it's sure nice of you to be thinking about my birthday! Thanks! (accessory gift, birthday)
    • Thanks, Corrin! I'm having the swellest birthday ever with you here! (accessory gift, birthday, married)
    • "Underwhelming unmentionables, Corrin!" (accessory gift: bath towel)
  • "Thanks for taking the time to play with me when you can! Ace says thanks, too!" (idle)
  • "Keep your eyes on me if you want to see some impressive fighting skills!" (idle)
  • "If you start to feel tired, Ace and I can always cover for you while you rest!" (idle)
  • "I'm on my way to see Ace! He's napping, but I'm gonna wake him for snack time." (idle)
  • "Happy birthday, Corrin! I'm fit to burst with ideas for celebrating today!" (on Corrin's birthday, married)
  • "Hello there! Ace and I will happily show you around, if you like." (visiting another castle)

Asking - Normal Edit

  • "Can we team up next time? I'm, uh, kind of a sidekick by nature..." (team-up)
  • "Ugh. My cleaning shift was canceled again. What do YOU do with free time?" (hobby)

Replying - Normal Edit

  • "Sure we can team up! Fighting as a duo comes pretty naturally to me." (team-up)
  • "I like playing with Ace! Oh, and I, you know, fight for justice and stuff." (hobby)

Asking - Parent Edit

Replying - Parent Edit

  • "I'm happy, too! I love spending as much time as possible with you!" (spending time)
  • "Chatting with you and relaxing is all I could ever need!" (gift)

Asking - Married Edit

Replying - Married Edit

Asking - Child Edit

Replying - Child Edit

Private Quarters Edit

“Your room is huge! There's tons of space to play!”
—Invite ally entrance quote
“Wow! I wish Ace could be here right now. He'd love to have dessert with all of us!”
—Invite ally entrance quote
“Are you gonna show me around?”
—Invite ally entrance quote
“We have such a great time here, Ace is jealous!”
—Invite ally bond quote
“Glad to visit. Now, off to SQUASH evil!”
—Invite ally bond quote
“I triple-crossed my fingers, hoping you'd ask ME over today. You made my dream come true!”
—Invite ally bond quote, level up
“Yay! You're home! Ace and I have been waiting for ya.”
—Upon entering the Private Quarters (married)
“You're back! Do you wanna play a game or something? It's just the two of us!”
—Upon entering the Private Quarters (married)
“What kept you so long, Corrin? I've been waiting for you!”
—Upon entering the Private Quarters (married)
“Hey! Welcome back. Ace and I picked some flowers for you.”
—Giving the female Corrin flowers upon arriving (married)
“Welcome home. Wow! They really cranked up the heat in the baths today! Watch out!”
—Upon entering the Private Quarters after returning from bath (married)
“Was that a cooling breeze? How lucky!”
—After blowing gently (good)
“Um...was I sleeping? I'm glad you woke me. I wanted to welcome you home.”
—After waking up (good)
“WHA?! Ace? What's wrong? ...Oh, it's just you, Corrin. What's so urgent?”
—After waking up (bad)
“Ha! I'm still getting used to this lovey-dovey stuff.”
—Lover bonding quote
“I don't know how I lucked out, marrying my first love!”
—Lover bonding quote
“I wish I didn't kiss like...kiss like...such a klutz.”
—When kissing Corrin (married)
“The world seems so sparkly when I'm near you. I hope you feel the same. But if not...? I'll give ALL my sparkles to you.”
—Lover bonding quote, level up
“I have so much fun with you. If Ace wouldn't get mad, I'd stay here all day!”
—After bonding/invite ally/changing hair (married)

Armory Edit

“You need a great weapon if you want to prove yourself a hero!”
—Upon entering the armory
“I'll make excellent use of whatever you sell me.”
—Buying him a weapon
“Is it odd to buy something while I'm working here?”
—Buying for him when he's the shopkeeper
“You're selling all my stuff?”
—When selling his items
“Why am I selling my own goods while I'm on duty?”
—When selling his items when he's the shopkeeper

Goods Edit

Smithy Edit

“With cooler weapons, we can all be great heroes on the battlefield”
—Upon entering the Smithy
“A better weapon for me? Gee, thanks!”
—When forging a weapon for him
“Ace and I will do our best to create a fine sword!”
—When forging a weapon for him when he's the shopkeeper

Lottery Shop Edit

“Welcome! I hope you are as lucky as I am! I always win something amazing!”
—Upon entering the Lottery Shop
“Uh, I guess that's what you'd call bad luck.”
—Upon winning a wooden ball
“Oh. You won something! It's not the jackpot, but we can't all be lucky!”
—Upon winning a decent prize
“Oh, wow! I win all the time, but it's nice to give someone else top prize for a change!”
—Upon winning the grand prize

Arena Edit

“This is the arena. I'm going to show everyone how skilled I am in battle.”
—Upon entering the Arena
“Heehee, winning sure makes me feel like a real hero.”
—Upon winning in the Arena
“How is this possible? I never lose.”
—Upon losing in the Arena

Accessory Shop Edit

“Like my mask? You might find your look right here in this shop!”
—Upon entering the Accessory Shop

Prison Edit

“Being a prison guard is so dull. Is it OK for Ace to come hang out with me?”
—When entering the prison
“I wonder if I can persuade someone to be my friend today.”
—Before persuading a prisoner

Hot Springs Edit

“Whoa! S-sorry! I'll be right out!”
—Entering the hot springs as a Female Corrin
“Corrin! You want to get in too? That's great!”
—Entering the hot springs as a Female Corrin (married)
“Funny, I was thinking the same thing! Is it weird that we both feel that way?”
—Responding to the Female Corrin (married)
“This place is the best! You and me and Ace should all come here together!”
—Entering the hot springs as a Male Corrin
“This place is too awesome! I just want to bob up and down in the water!”
—Conversing in the hot springs as a Male Corrin

Mess Hall Edit

“I think I'm going to make Ace something delicious for lunch today.”
—Upon entering the Mess Hall
“Awesome! Time to cook!”
— When ready to cook
“I never follow a recipe. I just sort of wing it...but it always turns out great!”
—Serving food
“Today I tried to rely on my cooking skills instead of luck. I'm not sure it worked.”
—Serving food, unsure if good
“I had no idea that food could taste this flavorful. Can I have seconds?”
—After eating good food
“This is amazing! I think this dish is easily the best of the bunch.”
—After eating decent food
“Haha, who put out this nasty food? Wait, you expect me to eat that?”
—After eating bad food

Einherjar Shop Edit

“This is the Einherjar Shop! One day I'll be a hero and they'll make a card of me!”
—Upon entering the Einherjar Shop

Gathering Spots Edit

“Dad told me veggies help me grow up big and strong, so I wolf down all I can!”
—Spoken to at the cabbage patch
“Ace snagged a big ol’ stag! He sure loves his meat!”
—Spoken to at a hunting forest
“I got sooo much milk to help me grow up fast! You want some?”
—Spoken to at a dairy
“Golly, we must have had a bumper crop! I've got tons of wheat to share!”
—Spoken to at a wheat field
“Ace gets so goofy when you give him fruit. You've gotta see it sometime!”
—Spoken to at a peach/berry tile
“Ace has been weirdly into rice lately. I got a whole lot for him, if you want a little!”
—Spoken to at a rice paddy
“The beans I grew turned out huge! I can't wait to show everyone!”
—Spoken to at a bean field
“Ace grabbed this ore from the bottom of the spring. Can you use it on something?”
— Spoken to at the spring
“A big rock fell and split down the middle right in front of me. This ore was inside!”
—Spoken to at the mine
“I almost tripped and fell on some rocks, but then I realized it was actually ore!”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“Even travelers need to fill their bellies! Here ya go!”
—Spoken to at a food gathering spot (visiting another castle)
“Ha ha! Look at all the ore I just found. It's your lucky day too, traveler!”
—Spoken to at a mine (visiting another castle)

Level Up Edit

  • "Holy stat growth!" (6+ stats up)
  • "Who's the sidekick now?" (4-5 stats up)
  • "Wham! Biff! Pow!" (2-3 stats up)
  • "Gee..." (0-1 stats up)
  • "Does this mean I'm finally a real hero?" (0-1 stat up, most stats capped)

Class Change Edit

  • "Ohhh! New costume!"

Confession Edit

“Oh Gosh, I really am lucky! I get to marry you and ride a dragon everyday? Can Ace sleep in our room?”
—Percy's confession quote

Roster Edit

Arthur's son, raised in the Deeprealms. Dreams of becoming a hero like his father, and trains day and night with his dragon, Ace. An earnest, sweet young man. Has astonishingly good luck. Born on 9/5.

Final Chapter Edit

Endgame (Conquest) Edit

“Father says that justice never sleeps, so you can't go napping on the job either!”
—Percy's final chapter quote

DLC Pre-Battle Quotes Edit

Boo Camp Pre-Battle Edit

“We're lucky to find an actual haunted mountain for our test of courage. I've never seen a ghost before! And... I guess I'm not seeing one now. Rats.”
—Percy's pre-battle quote.

Ghostly Gold Pre-BattleEdit

“You guys should let me handle this. I don't need much sleep—just ask Pop. He's always saying, "Percy, for the love of justice, give me five more minutes!”
—Percy's pre-battle quote.

Museum Melee Pre-BattleEdit

“Rare weapons, huh? Maybe I could measure up to Pop with one of those! Er...though I guess I'd need a pair of stilts too...”
—Percy's pre-battle quote.

Anna on the Run Pre-BattleEdit

“I can't believe I get to see snow! This must be my lucky day! Ace loves snow. He especially likes to scarf down big piles of it. It's super cute. Surrender now, and I'll show you, but I gotta warn you... If anyone but me gets close while he's chowing down, they'll get bit!”
—Percy's pre-battle quote.

Battle Quotes Edit

Dual Support Edit

  • "Let's take them out!"
  • "Justice never loses!"
  • "Champions of justice!"
  • "Ready for action!"
  • "You're lucky I'm here!"
  • "Stand back, citizen!"
  • "It's my lucky day... again!"
  • "We can take these goons!"

Attack Stance Edit

  • "Only one chance!"
  • "Don't forget me!"

Guard Stance Edit

  • "Not this time!"
  • "Hu-man shield!"
  • "Back evildoer!"

Partner Defeated Enemy/When Healed Edit

  • "Golly, thanks a bunch!"
  • "I was gonna do that!"
  • "Neat-o!"

Critical/Skill Edit

  • "Bombastic Beatdown BLOW!"
  • "Super Sidekick SLAM!!"
  • "I'm feeling lucky."
  • "No more kid gloves!"

Defeated Enemy Edit

  • "Huzzah!"
  • "Golly! It worked!"
  • "Gosh!!"

Defeated by Enemy Edit

  • "But heroes...always.. prevail..."

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“Wow-an inch to the left and I'd be dead. I'd better retreat and not push my luck.”
—Percy's retreat quote (Casual)
“Bye, Ace...”
—Percy's Death quote (classic)
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