“Hey, what was that smile for? Oh, I get it. You think you can escape from me now, eh? Well, fat chance of that. There's no way I'm letting go of a useful slave like you.”

Perne is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is the 25-five year-old leader of the Dandelion Gang, a group of good-natured thieves residing in the Dakia forest.


Before Thracia 776Edit

Encountering Salem when he was attacked and left for dead by the Loptyrian Cult he had deserted, Perne rescued the former Loptyrian Mage by taking him back to the Dandelion Gang's hideout.

At an unknown point of time before Thracia 776, Perne also kidnapped Safy's younger sister Tina, forcing her to work as his slave.

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776Edit

Perne first appears in Chapter 12, where he attempts to advise Salem against standing as sentry for the Dandelion Gang's hideout. He eventually decides to let Salem do as he wishes before heading back into the hideout.

Perne later heads the defence of the Dandelion Gang's hideout when it is stormed by Leif's army in Chapter 12x. He can be spoken to either by Lifis, Lara or Salem, all of whom bear connections to him and can convince him to join Leif's cause. After he is recruited, Perne can then speak to his subordinate Troude to recruit him into Leif's army.

Perne then goes on to continue supporting Leif in his cause to liberate Northern Thracia from the Grannvale Empire. Stating that he will return to his hometown thereafter, he leaves Leif and disappears. What becomes of his life is not made entirely clear, with some rumours claiming that he has turned to the life of thievery again, and others claiming that has devoted himself to Tahra's reconstruction efforts.


As the leader of the Dandelion Gang, Perne is a natural-born leader, boasting confidence that inspires others to follow his lead. Complementing his charisma is a kind heart, one that sees him lending aid to people in need. This fact is made especially clear through Salem, whom he rescues without expecting anything in return for his kindness.

This kind heart of Perne's has also earned him a glowing reputation as a "good thief" by the villagers residing in Dakia Forest. According to August, Perne leads the Dandelion Gang steals from greedy nobles not for personal benefit, but to obtain loot to distribute to poor villagers.

Standing in contrast to Perne's positive qualities is his interest in younger girls, such as Lara and Tina. This interest is particularly disturbing with relation to Tina, whom he kidnaps to serve him as a slave.



Name Class Chapter Affiliation Recruit
FE5 thief fighter
Thief Fighter
12x Enemy Talk with Lifis, Lara, or Salem
  • Note: It is recommended to have Lara recruit him, as after their conversation, she will automatically promote into a Dancer (she cannot promote to Dancer otherwise).

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class
FE5 thief fighter Thief Fighter
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Steal (SNES)Steal
Sun SwordSol
FE5 Sword IconSword - BFE5kingswordKing Sword

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Dex Agl Lck Con Wlv
65% 40% 10% 45% 65% 70% 25% 10% 2%

Support BonusEdit

Character Bonus
FE5 Salem Portrait
Supported by
Character Bonus
  • Supports give a bonus to Hit, Critical, Avoid, and Dodge
  • Supporting characters must be within a three tile radius for the support to come into effect


Secret Book (Artwork)
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With 5 Movement Stars, the Sol and Vantage skills, as well as a PCC of 5, Perne is definitely a solid addiiton to your army. As a Thief Fighter, he does not have much Build, so you should give him the Neir Scroll to increase it through level ups. As a pre-promoted unit, however, he may still fall behind with the amount of Build he can gain, so giving him the Body Ring found in Chapter 18 is advised.

Compared to Lifis, Perne is more durable and will end up a better fighter. His stats may not look impressive for a pre-promoted unit at first, but his growth rates and skills more than make up this flaw, both offensively and defensively. Perne's 3 more Movement Stars means that he is a much faster thief when it comes to looting and stealing items.

Perne also comes with the very valuable King Sword, which he can continue wielding until his Skill increases sufficiently, given that it grants him a 20% critical bonus. With his PCC of 5, arming the King Sword means that his follow-up attacks are guaranteed to be critical hits. Perne will also be one of the primary wielders of the Elite Sword, since he can benefit from its effect without fighting and breaking it.

Perne can support a few characters, including Salem and most notably Lara, who supports him in return. His support with Lara is especially useful on maps with multiple doors and chests to unlock, as they work very well in tandem.


“Ha, idiots. I'm no ordinary thief!”
—Perne's battle quote as an enemy in Thracia 776
“Ugh... Dammit...”
—Perne's death quote as an enemy in Thracia 776
“Ugh... Guess I wasn't so great...after all...”
—Perne's death quote in Thracia 776
“Sorry, Prince! I'll see you up ahead!”
—Perne's escape quote in Thracia 776
“Hmph, so now you think I'm in your debt? I don't think so!”
—Perne's release quote in Thracia 776


Talk with LifisEdit

  • Lifis: Shit...
  • Perne: Hm? ...Are you Lifis? Hey, long time no see!
  • Lifis: Y-Yeah... Hi...Perne...
  • Perne: You haven't changed at all since you were a kid, have you? Have you at least learned not to wet your bed?
  • Lifis: C-Come on, Perne... That was a long time ago.
  • Perne: Really? You were biggest crybaby in the village, and you were always being bullied by the other guys... It seems like it was yesterday.
  • Lifis ...You were the one who always picked on me first...
  • Perne: Hm? Did you say something?
  • Lifis: No, nothing...
  • Perne: Oh, okay. Hey, you're working for the Liberation Army now, right? Sounds like fun. Yeah, I think I'll join. Where's your leader?
  • Lifis: Wh-What!?
  • Perne: What! You got a problem?
  • Lifis: ...No...
  • Perne: Let's have fun again, like the old days! What do you say?
  • Lifis: ...I'm gonna be stuck with this asshole again...?
  • Perne: Hey, you all right? You look a little pale.
  • Lifis: Huh? D-D-Do I? M-Maybe I caught a cold or something! Ah, ahahaha...
  • Perne: ?
If Troude hasn't been killed/captured Edit
  • Lifis: Oh, Perne. Can you do something about that mercenary? We're having trouble with him...
  • Perne: Mercenary? You mean Troude? Sure, he's a good friend of mine. I'll talk to him.

Talk with LaraEdit

  • Lara: Perne!
  • Perne: Hm? Oh, Lara... What are you doing here? Ah, I get it... You missed me so much, you just had to come back, right?
  • Lara: ...What if I said yes?
  • Perne: Whoa, whoa, what's with the serious look? I was joking. I don't need a kid like you hovering around me. Go back to Manster.
  • Lara: So you're driving me away again. I thought you liked me when I was dancing. You were watching me so intently...
  • Perne: Yeah, I didn't know you were still a kid back then. Yup, you're right, I liked your dancing. It's, you know...energizing. It cheers you up. But you hated dancing, right? That's why you quit.
  • Lara: ...No... I actually like to dance. So... If you liked it, I can dance for you again.
  • Perne: What are you saying...
  • Lara: No, not just for you... If I can cheer everyone up with my dancing, then that would be nice...
  • Perne: Everyone? Who's everyone?
  • Lara: Prince Leif's Liberation Army. I'm helping them. I'm not much use, though...
  • Perne: Hmm... Ah, I get it... All right Lara, go back to being a dancer. Then I'll join the Liberation Army as well.
  • Lara: Really, Perne? Do you really mean it?
  • Perne: Yeah, I can't be a thief forever. The liberation of Northern Thracia, huh... Sounds interesting.

Talk with SalemEdit

  • Salem: Perne! Withdraw your sword.
  • Perne: Salem!? What are you doing on the enemy side? ...Are you going to betray us?
  • Salem: No. These people aren't enemies. They are Prince Leif's Liberation Army.
  • Perne: Liberation Army? What's that?
  • Salem: They have the same ideals as we do. I will explain it later. For now, just withdraw your blade!
  • Perne: So you want us to stop fighting? ...I suppose you've thought it through well enough to make a decision like this. All right, I'll trust you. Let's go.
If Troude has not been killed/captured Edit
  • Salem: Troude is still fighting. He'll only listen to you... Go talk to him.
  • Perne: All right. He's a valuable friend... I can't let him die.

Recruiting TroudeEdit

  • Perne: Troude, it's all right. We don't have to fight any more.
  • Troude: What do you mean?
  • Perne: I'm joining the Liberation Army. So come with me.
  • Troude: I see... So that's the Liberation Army... I knew their morale was too high to be the Imperial Army. All right. I'll go with you.
  • Perne: Good. We've been friends for a long time, so I didn't want to have to fight you. Thanks, Troude.
  • Troude: Of course. Let's go.


Perne - The Thief of Dakia (ダキアの盗賊 Dakia no tōzoku)

"Saying he would be returning to his hometown, Perne left Leif and disappeared. Various rumors abound regarding his life after that, with some saying that he became a thief again, and others claiming that he helped Tahra's reconstruction."

Etymology Edit


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